Controller/USB disconnect event

I just had to disconnect and reconnect my Saitek X52 PRO, as I reconnected it the system froze (msfs wasn’t running at the time), BSOD appeared and the computer restarted. On the restart, Steam was signed out and when I tried to start MSFS it said it needed to be installed. Steam quickly downloaded and “installed” game files and the game started as normal (with no internal game downloads/updates). Once I was in the sim, It seems to have forgotten ALL settings under the general tab, but its remembered controller and assistance settings. Anyone else ever had anything remotely similar happen. I know there is a bug that the sim can CTD when a USB is disconnected but a steam reinstall?? Very strange.

Depending on your board and type of processor the PCI-4 protocol is known to cause problems with USB ports. If you are on an AMD processor try to reconfigure your PCI-4 slot to PCI-3. I have been running this all morning and not one USB issue up to this point