Controller vibrations not working on PC

Controller not vibrating during taxi or touchdown has been such a long issue that has been overlooked. It is extremely frustrating as it takes away satisfaction from the game. As far as I know it has been around since MSFS came out on xbox, it works perfectly fine there. Surely it is not hard to fix it for us PC gamers, who like to play the game on xbox or ps controllers. Vote so this is finally addressed, Thanks.

(Microsoft Store version) Same problem here since SU5. No controller vibration whatsoever. No stick shaker, no way to tell if you’ve touched down, etc. Completely removes any sense of immersion. The fact that such a small yet necessary feature hasn’t been addressed is disappointing to say the least. FIX THIS!!!

For me too: Controller vibration never worked for me since all versions of MS-Store / DVD of MSFS.

What controller are you using? It does seem to work with a Xbox controller. But you’re not missing much. It only vibrates when you’re on the ground, and aircraft over-stress (which you’ll never encounter if you’re flying properly).

Logitech G940 Flight System - with force feedback joystick.
Probably this feature is only for the special XBox-Controller and not for all game input devices?

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Do you know if your G940 is operating in Dinput mode or Xinput mode? If it supports both, you might try each. The Xbox controller uses Xinput.

G940 is operating in Dinput mode.

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We lost all vibrations on PC Steam since SU5. But I found out around SU7 you could activate the Xbox Controller Driver in Steam and that did get it to work. But it wasn’t until SU10 where we actually got vibration back even without the Steam driver. Unfortuantley, we still don’t have the vibration for stalling like we had pre SU5. That was really nice for something in the air besides overstressing. So now 11 versions later, and we only have vibration on the ground. I just don’t know how things are working with initial versions and completely break 5 versions later, i.e. SU5. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to control the vibrations since they work on the ground without much stress. So if they work on the ground, there has to be a way to activate the vibrations for stalls or control the vibrations in an ini file or the senstiivity or something. Also, a major enhancement would be vibrations for turbulance. If we could get vibrations for both stalls and turbulance, that would be fantastic.

Does anyone know how to control the vibrations, i .e. when they occur like for stalling, on the Xbox Elite II controller or Xbox controller? So for the PC/Steam we used to have the stall vibrations prior to SU5. Is there any way to tweak an ini file or something to get that back without waiting for Asobo?