Controls freeze in bush trips - Problem and solution

I experience aircraft complete controls freeze while in a bush trip. After many seconds it comes back as usual. It never happened in regular flights. I finally found the problem. To create it, first ensure your aircraft is flying in a level mode (because you will lose controls ! ) then click in an open window like VFR map (or Nav log). Play a bit around with map zoom, move the map, etc … when you’re done, try to do something with your controls like reduce throttle, trim, change pitch or anything else. Even pause doesn’t work. Nothing works for 30 to 40 seconds.

To get controls back again, just click with your mouse in the main window. Controls come back. I never noticed something similar in regular flights. On the top of my head, we always keep control even when working in the VFR map.

I hope that could help few people saying that bush trips are buggy and freeze …

I’ve experienced this as well, and I never fly bush trips.

Hi @PlumChannel6815 & @hendis55,
Do you have any of the toolbar items (like the VFR map) on another screen?

Im also having something similar. I have ATC window on second screen. Never flown a bush trip. I think it’s just a coincidence it happened then. Freezing animations on aircraft at random

@ Hester40MT, I have only one screen, so everything is on the same screen.

Just to be clear, the aircraft continues to fly (screen and actions do not freeze), the aircraft clock keeps time (I see seconds changing) but NO keyboard entry works, no joystick button / axis work, no pedal changes work, pause keyboard button does not work but mouse works. I cannot do anything with other controls (keyboard, joystick, pedals). Controls come back by themselves after many seconds (30-40 sec. I never exactly timed this delay but once the aircraft was making a turn and it almost completed the turn when I could get control after this delay. Later I discovered that a mouse click in the main window instantaneously brings back controls. I can reproduce this 100 % of the time.

Update solved the problem ! Thanks to Asobo