Controversial Opinion - Captain Sim 767

So here goes and don’t worry, I have donned my tin hat ready for incoming.

I actually like the 767 and 777 aircraft produced by this Dev!!!

I’m a huge a geek and have travelled the world for this passion, but I’m no pilot and don’t profess to be, I just enjoy the game.

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thou shallt be forgiven. Just like me right now you seem to be drunk…
Like you, i am no pilot. But i know a 76/77 when i see one.

Now, go ahead an d flag this comment, y´all


Hello @SomersetGod6487,

There’s nothing controversial about liking what you like! :slight_smile:

Some simmers are content to spend USD ~$70 or more on highly-detailed aircraft and demand that every system be modeled to match the real-world plane as closely as possible. Other simmers would rather spend USD ~$20 for a lesser-detailed aircraft and don’t mind at all if it’s not as accurate to the real deal. It’s entirely a personal preference. Neither group is “right” or “wrong” to enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator however they like. The skies are open for all. :slight_smile:

Happy flying! :airplane:



In the flight sim world, there are tons of possibilities. Like you, I also enjoy this plane!

As SeedyL noted, there is nothing wrong with what you like or enjoy in MSFS. In fact, there are even flying ducks and witches.

There is no wrong way to fly :airplane:


Their external models are in my opinion some of the best. They just lack in everything else for me, shame, as in FSX and former, they were always really good. I guess they couldn’t keep up with the major changes to FS2020?

Each his or her own.

I’ve always admired their external modelling. But personally, I want something that looks exactly like a 767 to fly somewhat like a 767 and not a 748.

But if you’re happy flying it around the virtual skies, that’s the important thing. Too many people in this hobby like to fly ultra-realistically and think everyone else should too — but MSFS is ultimately a game… and the fun part of games is that you don’t have to perfectly replicate reality (unless you’re on VATSIM where, understandably, you’re expected to toe the line).


If my memory serves me correctly, they were a Ukranian - Russian team.
I believe they split up, and those that continued on are what we have today.
I had most of their jets, loved the 727.

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