Convert FSX AI traffic models from FAIB, PSXAI, TFS, AIG, etc

Starting from the base that all or almost all, what we like the most is realism, my reflection is in defense of air traffic. The big loser in the magnificent MSFS.
What makes great simulators-games (for me they are the same word), in fsx or prepar3d was its unlimited architectural capacity that made it possible for people of different computer levels to put and remove “things”. Expand airports, put lights on or remove, remodel planes and, of course: add air traffic.
Those of us who love to land in an airport with a lot of traffic or little, but real traffic (which is working at the same time), we enjoyed adding our own repaints or models, or those of others who had decided to share them with users.
In short, a beautiful amalgam of freedom where the rough laws of property were not threatened by the ARTISTIC will and the desire to have fun flying.

MSFS: If you expand your catalog of freedom and let many creatives burst in with their desire to share, without taking everything to the business world, not only will we vote for it always but they will also earn double the money.

PSXseecontraffic, lorbylivetraffic, FAIB, TFS, aig, aerosoft, etc, etc…its a big familiy.

This little writing is a reflection for the boss of the great boss of the super boss of MSFS: “Open doors, and heavens, let the fsx aircraft models work, offer possibilities, and everything will have a positive impact, not only economically”.
a hug, to the bussinessman and the artists: neither can live without the other.

Nice idea, but at first they need to get they´re codes running stable and well. I´m on 100% AI traffic, but what i get are a few generic flights with no heavys in the air. Only the ATC knows about them but not my eyes.


Could you kindly summarize what your request is, in one or two sentences?

Is military ai even going to do Microsoft flight simulator stuff

yes, of course:
we need to be able to use the converted fsx models from FAIB, PSXAI, TFS, AIG,etc… , like this we shouldnt have to re-work thousand of thousand of repaints.


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Just to be clear, this is about AI traffic liveries?

no. it is about ai traffic models.

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Convert FSX AI traffic models from FAIB, PSXAI, TFS, AIG, etc.

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