Copilot answers as ATC

Hello all,I have steam version of the game,and something really bizarre is happening…my copilot no matter what answers and speaks to himself because is acts as ATC…how the he’ll is possible!!!

Metoo;) Odd is it. “you: XX-XXX contact 123,45” “you: going 123,45 XXXX”
I have popout “whitebox red letters” Azure is not connected to server, or very similar.

Same,now is offline…ahahahhaah…bhooooo

Can you go to the Flight Assistance button on the top menu bar during flight, and see if the AI manage radios option is checked?

I have done that, and was checked.

Ok, so when that option is checked you’ll hear the copilot doing the radio calls for you. But it should be the ATC controller responding rather than the co-pilot. Are you saying the copilot is doing both?

It could be that it’s using the same voice pack for both - if you open the ATC menu you should see the messages switching back and forth from pilot/ATC rather than all on pilot side.

Jep! Just that! There are no ATC present, at any time.

Vero simple…instead of you,even if the copilot is off,is written copilot and the voice is his not mine,and after that the atc(written copilot…not atc)answers with the copilot voice…and as the other guy said…azure quit the connection…never hapeen before

i get a window open with lost connection and something about azure whatever that is and ATC becomes British and copilot starts answering for me.Turns out my copilot Is English too who knew,never seen this before update

Since the hotfix for whatever reason even when you have Copilot does ATC off in your main settings, when you load up a flight it auto get checked.

So go to the top and hit Copilot and uncheck does ATC, happens to me everytime since hotfix.