Coronado Islands Baja California Mexico still missing elevation data

One year later and this is still an annoying missing part when flying around San Diego where I learned to fly in real life.

The Coronado Islands just South of San Diego and 8 miles off the shore of Baja California Mexico have the satellite ground shown but no elevation data. These are not flat in real life and quite impressive.

North Coronado** has no bay but boats can anchor on a jetty on the eastern side.

  • Location: 32°26.45′N 117°17.85′W
  • Size: 460,000 m2 (110 acres)
  • Height: 153 m (502 ft)
  • Length: 800 m (2,625 ft)

Pilón de Azúcar** (Pile of Sugar) It has little vegetation but flocks of birds nest here.

  • Location: 32°25.45′N 117°15.75′W
  • Size: 70,000 m2 (17 acres)
  • Height: 33 m (108 ft)

Central Coronado** has a rocky peak with a heap of cactus and scrubs near the summit.

  • Location: 32°25.05′N 117°15.63′W
  • Size: 140,000 m2 (35 acres)
  • Height: 32 m (105 ft)

South Coronado** has the only bay of the islands, called ‘Puerto Cueva’ (“Cave Port”). There is a lighthouse at each end of the island.

  • Location: 32°24.5′N 117°14.75′W
  • Size: 1.83 km2 (0.71 sq mi; 450 acres)
  • Height: 220 m (722 ft)
  • Length: 3,200 m (10,499 ft)
  • Width: 800 m (2,625 ft)

Almost every other small island off the coast of areas I fly have elevation data representing better how they look in real life and also making them appear from a distance. You have to fly over these to see these flat pancake texture only representations of these islands.

I am amazed that this appears to be a non issue for most simmers. No one else has voted for this to get fixed. If you live in San Diego you can look from the shore and see these islands. If you are a real pilot and fly down there you really see them. If you sim almost anywhere else that there are islands they have elevation data and appear like they do in real life, not these. Maybe an add on developer will take an interest and fix the problem.