Correct Working Pulse Lights

I’ve noticed in the sim that the “pulse” setting for the landing lights just causes the lights to turn on and off in unison. On most aircraft I’ve seen use this system in real life, the landing lights pulse in an alternating left and right pattern. Its my understanding that this system is used to exaggerate movement to scare birds and make the aircraft more visible to others. Can we get this system working correctly in the sim?

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What aircraft is this on? I’d like to tag those aircraft in your post so that people can find this topic more easily.

Hello. I believe the “pulse” light switch is in the TBM, both Citation Jets and Cirrus. I know those aircraft should have the alternating (wig wag) pulse lights when the “pulse” switch is activated. Currently they just flash on and off.

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Thanks! I added those tags to your post.

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