Corsair vs. the Spitfire

Just trying to decide whether to buy the Spitfire or the Milviz Corsair. Any thoughts if you have tried both?

Good question.
I’ve got the Spitfire.
I’m getting the Corsair too.


Spitfire is iconic.
Corsair is not.

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I guess you missed two characters and wanted to write the Corsair II isn’t :wink:


Corsair not iconic? Are you okay?


I also own the spitfire and will be getting the Corsair soon.

From what I’ve seen the Corsair seems to be a better model all things considered, and has a bit more to it in terms of managing things like cowl flaps, oil cooler etc… but while it’s a personal thing, to me the spitfire is definitely more iconic and imo a better looking bird.

Obviously the spitfire is also cheaper…

I think the best answer is both. However, if you have to choose then… do you want to fly around in something relatively straightforward enjoying the sights, or do you want to have a slightly more challenging aircraft that will require a little more effort to fly? If the former then go for the spitfire, if the latter then go for the Corsair.

I hope the spitfire will continue to improve too, there are some aspects that are a bit weak - it seems far too easy to taxi on the ground for example probably largely due to what the dev says is some limitations around free castoring tailwheels in the sim (although the Corsair seems to be able to do both locked and unlocked tail wheel so maybe there’s just a trick to it that flying iron doesn’t know yet?). It also lets you “cheat” with differential toe brakes where the real aircraft doesn’t have them and uses rudder position and a single brake lever to dictate how much braking force goes to each wheel which is significantly more challenging… you can however set your controls up differently for a more authentic experience if you wish.

Anyway, you’ll enjoy either imo, yet to fly the milviz Corsair myself but watched a few videos and it looks top notch.


Get War-thunder and play all of them for free, you can actually bomb and shoot down other planes.

Its very fun in VR.

If you just want to fly around with a war plane in flight sim, they are both pretty good… I have both of them, but better when they can shoot down the enemy.

We need microsoft combat simulator, like the older versions…


Never really got on with warthunder, for my flight combat needs I generally prefer DCS and IL2.

There is definitely something nice about cruising the beautiful scenery in MSFS in a classic warbird though… not everything needs to be about the shooting after all! The warbirds are just great aircraft to fly - lots of power, great sounds and nice and responsive.


I guess it all depends on your perspective - I’d say the corsair is plenty iconic too (I mean come on, how many fighters had a huge radial engine and gull wings?).


Yeah the Corsair II was known as being incredibly dangerous to walk anywhere near the front if the engine was running.

Even the A-6 could be dangerous…
Man sucked into A-6 Intruder jet engine intake - YouTube

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Having worked on the flight deck of the USS Eisenhower, ALL aircraft are dangerous to work around. During my time on the flight deck we had A-6 Intruders, EA-6B Prowlers, A-7 Corsairs, C-2 Greyhounds, E-2 Hawkeyes, F/A-18 Hornets, F-14 Tomcats, S-3 Vikings, and SH-3 Sea Kings. In total, about 85 aircraft. Poor situational awareness was the biggest killer of personnel. And regardless of what anyone thinks, all accidents not caused by a mechanical failure can be prevented. That aside, the F-4U Corsair isn’t iconic? It had the best air to air kill ratio of any aircraft flown during WW2 (That means it killed more enemy aircraft than it lost in combat).


Ok back to the topic at hand: Corsair vs. Spitfire

First of all: while they’re both WW2 fighters, they are very different planes. The Spitfire is smaller and lighter and has a V12 engine, while the Corsair is a big brute with an 18 cylinder double radial engine.

When flying in the sim - probably like in reality - the Spitfire feels pretty basic inside. It can’t hide that it was developed in the late 1930s. Battery switch, Fuel selector, Throttle, Stick, Pedals, mixture and propeller control, Fire button is almost everything you get (yes I exaggerate). The Corsair is far more complex. It has more systems, knobs, switches and buttons and if you’re sitting in the cockpit it is also much more modern and reminds you more of a 1950s jet.

The Spitfire is a little easier to fly and doesn’t punish you so easily if you treat her badly. In the Corsair: temperature a little too high and the engine will spew oil over your windshield and you can open the canopy lean out of the cockpit and deadstick-land her on the next field. I know what I’m talking about.
But even without engine, until touch down, the Corsair is pretty well behaved and doesn’t try to kill you. On the ground - like most MSFS planes - she’s a pain and not very easy to handle. Make sure you have that rear wheel locked, or you’ll end up it the shrubs somewhere.

While handling the Spitfire on the ground is easier, her narrow landing gear requires your full attention during touch down. Escpecially if your landing in a crosswind.

In the air, both are a joy to fly. The brunt of that enormous radial propels the Corsair to high speeds a little quicker than the Spitfire. Here the Merlin engine is more sophisticated. You can compare it with 1970s cars: turbocharged 6-cyl Boxer Porsche 930 (Corsair) vs. V8 of a Mercedes 500 SL (Spitfire).


I’ve bought both planes, and while the Spitfire might be the more “popular” plane, I have more fun when flying the Corsair.

The Spitfire was frustratingly hard for me to take of straight with and even harder to land. To me it always felt overly hard and unrealistic when compared to all the straight take offs you see on youtube (my flying skills sucking and lack of patience could be a factor here, but that’s just how it felt to me).

The Corsair is way easier. Managed straight take offs and good landings after a couple of tries. It just feels more immersive for me. And I like the little details, like folding your wings and configuring outside tanks.

I 2nd Archers statement, that both are a joy to fly when in the air. Both are really great planes and I don’t regret buying either of them. I guess, I’m just more of a Corsair-guy. :grin:


I did not purchase the Spitfire. Watching videos - The engine temperature is not simulated. Ref DCS Spitfire - here you see how sensitive the power and cooling is. You often see a blown engine with white glycol and blue oil smoke trailing…

Corsair - engine temperature is simulated - You can blow up your engine.


Have both, and just from a fun standpoint, I’m enjoying the Corsair more so far. The sounds are definitely better on the Corsair and it adds a lot to the experience. I’m a sucker for the big radials though so probably biased. Fully loaded, the Corsair is much harder than the Spitfire to fly. Lightly loaded, the Corsair is fairly easy to handle. So you can actually easily configure how much of a challenge you want as a result. I’d say the Spitfire is harder to land though. Both suddenly veer hard left as soon as they’re up to speed on a take off roll and will easily spin on a wing tip. There’s so much stuff to play with on the Corsair too: hand turning the prop before start, raising the wings, cowl, oil, and intercooler flaps. And it has that distinct screaming sound in a dive too.


I got the F4U Corsair. Although I don’t think (never flown one myself) it has a very accurate flight model, it is very much fun in VR. Very detailed cockpit, good startup mechanics, typical “taildragger” taking off and landing.
I was taking a flight with the canopy open and found myself thinking about all the guys flying the “Whistling Death” back to their ships or bases just happy to be alive noticing every chip of paint on their plane.

I’m sure you will enjoy either/both!

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Good evening. Just for you information, this aircraft (MILVIZ) is not the F4U, but rather the FG-1D model. Other than weighing more, I could not quickly find a basic list of the differences, which I’m interested. I haven’t finished the MILVIZ manual yet (pretty awesome) so maybe it’s in there. Thanks.

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Vought F4U Corsair - Wikipedia

Thanks for the info