Could only climb to 8000 ft in the DR400/100 Cadet

Yesterday I was flying the sim in the BC mountains. I was flying the Robin single prop underwing with a 14000 foot max altitude in good weather. No matter what I tried the max I could climb to was 8000. I tried full power or 15 flaps.

What am I missing?

how much fuel did you have?

Also flaps 15 is a disgusting amount of flaps for climbing.

Props also have a lower rate of climb/descent than airliners. With less air available to generate lift, you need to generate more speed and climb at a lower rate

Been a while since I’ve flown it, but does it have a mixture control? You may need to lean your mixture to get to your max altitude.

Was your barometric pressure set correctly?

No flaps, full throttle then lean the mixture. On the Robin you have to do it the old fashioned way - slowly pull mixture back until the revs start to rise followed by a sharp drop. Push mixture back in to the point the revs started to rise, you are now at best fuel/air mixture for your altitude. Now adjust your attitude to obtain the best rate of climb, but you’ll be lucky to get more than 500 fpm at that height.

You may also need to step climb. After you get to a certain point where it’s hard to climb, level off until you get some airspeed back, then climb again until speed bleeds off. Repeat that cycle until you get to your desired altitude, or you can’t maintain any more climb.

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Thank you. The barometer when I left Calgary was 29.92. I am still experimenting so I though the mixture was being managed by assists. I’ll try again.

Was doing that time after time but was not playing with mixture. Thanks for the reply.

Maybe too much fuel load? It’s maximum capacity is 63 US gallons with the auxiliary tank, over 400 lbs. Throw in a few passengers or cargo, and you may just be too heavy.

And - don’t forget your oxygen !!!

Bit off topic but yes, that’s something that always makes me think. When I was flying GA IRL 10,000 ft was an absolute maximum, regardless of whatever the aircraft was capable of, without supplementary oxygen.
But in the sim you can fly as high as you like without any effect - I’ve overflown Mount Everest in the turbo Bonanza!
Perhaps a third party dev could make something that simulates disorientation - although I’ve never been there I think the sim will actually create a “grey-out” if too much G force is experienced by the pilot.