Could somebody walk me through how to import and edit a default aircraft?

Basically what it says on the tin. Trying to make a turbo mod for the SR22 (hoping I’ll be able to make that work as the Longitude mod works fine) and figured it would be best to start by giving the G36 a turbo engine, since they use almost the same engine and I should be able to just redirect where the files go. Problem is I can’t even figure out how to import the default G36 into the internal editor (is such a thing possible?) to tweak the engine files, much less copy it into my own package and import that instead to prevent overriding the default aircraft. Are there any good guides out there, or any folks willing to help?

Not sure if you’ve looked but there’s a few vids on YouTube that may help.

The SR22 is (partially) encrypted, so there is no engines.cfg file that you could inspect and modify.

Look in the OneStore\asobo-aircraft-sr22\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_SR22 folder and you will see there is no engines.cfg there.

Possibly the engines.cfg contains trade secrets that Microsoft has received from the aircraft or engine manufacturer and is not allowed to make public? After all, the Notice.txt file says:

The Cirrus Aircraft names, emblems, body designs and logos are trademarks and intellectual property of Cirrus Aircraft and are used under license to Microsoft Corporation

(No mention of engine data, but I wouldn’t want to start bickering with their lawyers;)

The CJ4 on the other hand is not encrypted, for some reason. Look in OneStore\asobo-aircraft-cj4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_CJ4, there are more files there than in the corresponding SR22 folder. Ditto for the G36, look in OneStore\asobo-aircraft-bonanza-g36\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_Bonanza_G36 . Possibly the license agreements between Microsoft and these manufacturers are more lenient.

Ah, but you asked about modifying the G36. As that is not encrypted it should be possible. Just look at the sample aircraft and set up a corresponding folder structure for your into which you copy the files from the bundled G36 folder. In addition you will have to create a few small files, like the top-level .xml one and the ones in PackageDefinitions.