Could you look at adding more default Cessna 172 liveries

Could you look into adding more paint schemes to the default Cessna ‘a 152 and 172?

I’d love to choose different paint schemes in the default 172 and 152, even an orbit airlines flight school scheme would be super fun

Prettiest plane available to date :smiley:

Have you tried Asobo’s Liveries Megapack?

Why you need defould Liverys? When you want a nice Livery, give a Liveryrequest on, ore make a Livery wish to me. When you wait a little bit, I will do that for you :wink:

I did but I have premium deluxe version so I didn’t see any of the aircraft folders

So do I. You need to install the liveries into your community folder using the Liveries Manager. There are 22 available for the Cessna 152 and 43 for the Cessna 172 with the G1000.

Just curious how you send a user a livery wish on I’m a user there too, and I have a Cessna 172 wish, but it’s specific to the Cessna JT-A mod by MrTommyMixer (also on I just filed the livery request today. Feel free to PM me since it’s not related to default liveries if you prefer. Thanks!