[COVID] lockdown 4 More week in France :(

a new period of lockdown will be announced tomorrow by the French president.
I hope this won’t impact the development of FS2020 too much.
■■■■ Virus ! there’s enough of it .


Pretty sure it already has affected the development.

Sorry to hear that. We’ll probably be a month behind you, as usual.

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Serious problems also here in Czechia. Currently affecting people lives, too many complications, including SW developers. Hope we will overcome this pandemic days / weeks soon. :confused:

I’d be surprised if the vast majority of development isn’t working from home and using video conferencing to take care of most of the integration and planning.

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Yes, they / we are. But it’s less effective in most cases in comparison with sitting in the same room with your closest co-workers…

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In today’s day in age most of us can do our jobs remotely. I work for the software development company and our productivity increased by 37% working from home. There’s no excuse for bottlenecks due to the lockdown, unless the company is poorly managed, period.


Are you really just worried with the game development? This is a dramatic and serious situation. Jobs are being lost, companies are closing their doors, some countries economies are going down to the drain, and in the first place: people are losing their lives!!! I hope people stay alive and well…


Agree. I’m part of a startup right now and we’re doing fine in terms of productivity. We do lots of WFH, i commute to work about 2 days a week (50% since i work 80%) and we use Teams/Zoom lots to do meetings and also talk to vendors through conference software and other media.

WFH also means i get around 2 hours of less commuting/getting ready in the morning which can be used for sleeping in - or playing MSFS2020. I can mix and match gaming and work over the day and my working hours can be spread out as much as 07:30 to 22:00. I can go shopping/eat lunch any time when i WFH, but i mostly shop in the morning to not run into people (i do that even without a pandemic) and the ques are shorter in the morning/late night.

And oh, we don’t have a lockdown here in Sweden, but lots of people voluntarily stay at home (much less people in the subway) and let those who need to commute, some companies offer staggered hours and i use that on the days when i go into town like 10:am and go home after everyone else has gone home. I also bring home takeaway for the days I’m home so i don’t have to go out and eat, which saves more time/exposure.

Also bought a couple of hundreds of masks for my mom - or rather for her home-assistance staff to wear when they visit her, production of masks is up and there isn’t a shortage anymore so i thought “why not”. I’m glad I’m privileged to be in the privileged “can work from home” category with money to spare on such things as takeaway food and PPE for my mom.

Will buy a new VR headset, a yoke and probably a new puter around Xmas or later, i’m hoping that VR will be ready then for MSFS2020 = Even more reason to stay at home.

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An interesting and thought provoking insight into your CoVid situation.
Proving, if nothing else, that it’s an ill wind that blows no’one any good.
Regards to your mum.


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I am feeling a profound sense of gratitude that I am able to work from home with the same or greater productivity. Too many people are not as lucky and I really feel for them. People need to work at the grocery, or at McDonalds, etc. and far too many have lost jobs.

To put this all in forum context, I’m wildly anticipating getting the s/w update and exercising my new Honeycomb Alpha!


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All - Here in USA cases are going up big time. We mostly stay home as we are retired, out to lunch once in while, store but no trips or anything else. Dental office are open, tomorrow got to go, some places are open for haircuts. We wear masks everywhere out in public, just less hassle to do it that way. Maybe they work, maybe they don’t, we are older so have to take care. Oh this is going to cost me, we here know exactly how and where this whole thing came from, one day, the piper will be paid on this. As stated, billions of people on this planet are being affected, not just where you live. Doctors/nurses are dyeing treating people, people are taking their own lives, because of shutdowns, their livelihoods have just disappeared. It’s impossible to say, how can we help, because their is not anything to be done except what is being done. But, know this, today, we know way more about this disease than we did December 2019. More people are being saved, and more people are not getting as sick nor as fast, new medicines better treatments, more knowledge on what is best way to treat sick folks. I disagree with “shutting down whole countries” because the real experts say our “herd immunity” is what is going to save the day. You cannot gain that unless people are moving around. Look up Yellow Fever in New Orleans, LA in 1812, interesting article about that give some perspective on how we might be doing this wrong. Regardless, I hope people can buck up and put best face forward, but it’s hard on every single one of us, daily, because each of us have different situations. That things are moving at all is wonderful, that some are not as affected economically is also great. But tens of thousand not only here but everywhere have tough time, I think of them.

And this is related to MSFS? What about a love story next? Offtopic!

The OP is concerned about the development of the game since it’s developed in France.

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I think they have been already WFH since the first wave, or they were rotating who comes to office in order to reduce the people in the offices.

Yep, just about a month later we are doing what would have saved thousands of lives.