Cowan Simulation R66

I don’t think that there has been an update since May 31.

Well I had an update for that and three other aircraft last night on Xbox.

Regardless of that however, the pilot is still stuck outside the aircraft.


This seems to be an issue with several helicopters…
It may affect fixed wing too, but I hardly fly planes and haven’t noticed it in any addons that I have.

Anyway, there seems to be a bug in MSFS where the initial viewpoint is not the same for all users. I usually readjust this in the cfg files after update, but that doesn’t help Xbox users. Do you have the translate view commands assigned? Or a keyboard? They are assigned to the arrow keys by default.

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There is a command to set the VFR Pilot Viewpoint. Default keybind is Left Alt F10. Just use the arrow keys to set the viewpoint you want, Left Alt Up/Down for forward and back, and press Left Alt F10.

The same for the Landing viewpoint but use F11.

There is, but when you’re stuck outside the cockpit and can’t move the camera position inside, it’s somewhat problematic…

Can you select another internal view with CTRL 1-9 and go from there?

I bought the H125 this week and moved the VFR Pilot View as I described initially.

Again, yes, up to a point… The internal views tend to be zoned in on a control panel, or the collective, or whatever, which doesn’t allow the full range of movement you’d need to get it anywhere resembling a pilots eye view.

Ahh well, I’m sure they’ll fix it soon enough. In the meantime, there’s always the Chinook! :sunglasses::+1:t2:

Is there a Landing View F11 set up? Might be a better starting point.

Strangely F11 doesn’t work on H125 although does work on MD500 and other helos.

I use it for a quick instrument panel close up on most helicopters as I usually set my pilot view point quite far aft to help with peripheral vision especially when landing.

I’ve never run into a limit moving the seating position. You can move it to the next town over if you hold the command and wait long enough…
Do you have the “Translate Cockpit View” and “Increase/Decrease Cockpit View Height” assigned? They are the arrow keys on the keyboard by default. If you’re not using a keyboard with your Xbox though, you may have to assign them to whatever controller you are using. Then you can “Save VFR View” (default CTRL+F10) and use F10 to come back to that saved view.

Does anyone have a binding setup for xbox? I can’t seem to find a way to properly bind the throttle without it affecting the collective.