Cowl Switch on Logitech Flight Switch Panel - Which aircraft?

Can anyone tell me which aircraft benefits from the Cowl Switch on Logitech Flight Switch Panel??

Purely out of interest, I realize that the panel is ‘pretty dumb’ but how does the driver interact with MSFS?

I assume that this is the same panel that Saitek had for sale many years ago and the only real change seems to be the driver for MSFS. Seems a shame that Logitech never gave it a proper overhaul to add flexibility and features.

Cowl flap switch on the panel will open and close the cowl flap in the sim with aircraft that have the.

Dc3 etc

TY for info.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money for it, the 3rd party hardware driver and scripting tool “” will let you reassign any of those switches to just about any aircraft function, even ones that aren’t exposed in the MSFS hardware configuration interface (e.g. C152 panel lights, etc).

I configured a profile for each of the aircraft that I fly regularly and then had labels printed out onto that rubbery fridge magnet material so that I can swap out my switch labels quickly, depending on what I am flying.

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Thank you for tip.