CPFlight A320 FBW FCU Driver

Hello, the new driver for msfs2020 FBW is available on cpflight.com. Has anyone already made experiences?
Greetings Günter

hello, I have installed CPflight driver for 2020, the readme file to get it working in A320 is not easy to follow. I have it working only on the Eifis Panel, but on MCP only Altitude knob works.
If you use A320 Mcp panel in the Aircraft it does input to MCP harware, but not the other way. So it is partially working, so I will contact CPFight and see what they say.

Any additional experience feedback on using the CPFlight MSFS2020 driver?

For some time now, the CPFlight FCU drivers no longer connect to the FBW A320. Sometimes it works only for a very short time but then the connection is lost again.
I have tried different FSUIPC, WASM and FBW versions but always the same.
CPFlight did not answer - does anyone have experience with the CPFlight and FBW?