CPU/GPU settings and optimization

Below are my hardware and specs. I would assume I have enough power to get decent performance but I still get stutters and fairly mediocre resolution. Can someone please suggest an article or thread to refer to to optimize my settings? Or am I under powered?

i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz, 16 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

What resolution are you running? I am afraid to say both the CPU and GPU are underpowered.
Wait is that 1GB RAM? :flushed:

I sat down with my I7-3770K today and we had a talk, I explained it wasn’t it, it was me. Then I went out and bought an I9-11900K, a new motherboard, RAM and a CPU Fan that would do justice to a small block Chevy. So much for the CPU bottleneck. Now the RTX2060S is looking at me sideways. All that remains is to see if it did a thing to improve my gameplay… Sorry, I don’t see the sim as a game. It’s re-introduced me to things about flying that I learned 45+ years ago and had long since forgotten… :slightly_smiling_face:


lol great. I have the same GPU and upgraded to a 10700KF and the cpu barely does anything. What I hope now is the card doesn’t die.

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I assume 1 GB ram is a typo ? I am not sure Win10 will even run with only 1GB RAM.

The rest of your specs are inline with 1080p MEDIUM settings so I would start from there and tweak up or down as needed. You can probably get away with mainly medium with the odd setting tweaked to high.

If you set it to medium, go into dev mode and enable the FPS meter and post us a screenshot we will have more idea what you are dealing with,

By the way, settings on 1080p MEDIUM should still look very reasonable this is a video recorded with those settings:

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His GPU may allow medium on 1080p but what about the CPU? Its probably not fast enough to send the next frame to the GPU. He’ll have to test it for himself.

It is a quad core 8 thread i7 with a 3.8 Ghz turbo. It is a bit limited in threads and will probably max out all 4 cores (the game ideally likes 6 cores or more) but 3.8 Ghz is probably fast enough. My i5 8400 I was using last year was 3.9Ghz turbo and coped with high/ultra though it did have 6 real cores and tended to max all 6.

Stutters do tend to be RAM and CPU related most of the time.

But yes he needs to run the in game FPS tool and see if he is limited by GPU or limited by main thread.

I agree. Just impossible to find an RTX 30xx at any price at the moment. The 2060 hasn’t complained yet, never hit 85% utilization for more than a few seconds.

Though a 2060 is a bit over double the performance of the original posters 1050TI and has 2Gb more VRAM.

My system last year was i5 8400 and RTX 2060 and it was fine for 30-35 FPS at 1440p at mainly Ultra.

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Fingers crossed here, it’s driving three monitors, a primary curved 34" at 3440 x 1440 (21:9) and two lesser 21" monitors in anticipation of three monitor support (if ever). They get used for Little NavMap and SkyVector…

Keeping in mind the 2060super has 4gb more vram than the 1050ti Regular 2060 just 6gb. i5 8400 is a decent CPU. Had one but it bottlenecked when using glass cockpit aircraft.

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