CPU spikes and FPS drop while over British Columbia

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Ok, so this JUST started… I upgraded my system about a month ago to a 3080ti and 64GB RAM. Have had excellent performance using the FENIX, PMDG, etc. averaging around 40-50FPS sometimes dropping to low 30s in heavy areas.

But this morning, I was flying CYYC-CYVR over the mountains at FL340 and wow, FPS just starting dropping to like 9FPS and super EXTREAM turbulence as well? what the heck??? Nothing has changed in my system in about two weeks; no graphics changes, no addons, nothing. And now this??? This is totally unflyable and why???. Why would this start all of a sudden???

Turned off the live weather, still the same FLPS drops to like 4 or 5, extreme turbulence in clear sky’s and no wind??? I am completely flabbergasted and confused…

Eventually landing in YVR, and all the stuttering and turbulence stopped (on the ground). Hopped in a fast jet (F-15) and started over Lake Harrison (east of Vancouver), and the stuttering and turbulence are back. Reloaded the sim from Cold&Dark (shut down and reboot the computer) and yup, still getting FPS drop down to 5-9 and extreme turbulence again… What is going with this sim after ZERO changes between a few days ago and today???

I’ve invested over $8000 on a system and aircraft/airports etc and NOW its completely unplayable

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Launch the sim in the air 100-200 miles north east of Vancouver (YVR) any aircraft.

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i7-9700k, 3080ti, 64GB ram, Windows 10

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Heres another strange update:

Flying the PMDG 737 all over the USA yesterday, no stutters or issues. Flying over Canada today in the same 737, Getting a Stutter every 10-15 seconds coupled with a FPS drop to less that 10… What is going on???

CPU usage is 51%, Memory 18%m GPU 13% I get a spike in CPU usage whenever I get that studder and FPS drop, but cannot find a process that might be causing it…

Any help???

New update:

After a whole bunch of troubleshooting, and just flying around pausing and stuttering seems to be anywhere over British Columbia. Which is super odd because it just started a few days and I have never had any issues. Also, the amount of turbulence doesn’t matter.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Note the spikes in the CPU seems to cause the pause/stutter. Again this only happens while flying over British Columbia…

Hey check out this:

Not of any use to you but: I just took a short flight, taking off from YVR, flew over Richmond and downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park & West Van: no issues.

@SlabsFly Could you try the following steps:

  • Set both DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL airports, For example, from CYVR to CZBB, in the pre-flight screen.
  • Click Fly and proceed.
  • Take off and monitor for 5min to see if you can reproduce?

Cannot do it now but will do it tomorrow. FWIW on the flight I did I did have both departure and arrival set (YVR to Squamish) and I flew for probably >3 minutes before quitting. Will try slightly longer tomorrow. And FYI I have done numerous longer flights from YVR over time as I live close to the airport. Never had any issues

@SlabsFly OK sounds like this issue doesn’t happen to you.
In case you are interested, I have documented the reproduce video and steps in this thread FYI.

Thank you for your information! I have also open a ticket in zendesk BTW.