CPU spikes when adjusting view - SU5

Im assuming this is expected behavior with the new culling/loading system with SU5, but I just wanted to get others’ take on it.

So, I am indeed getting about 15-20 fps more with the same “high” preset. Now hovering around 60fps. Im not noticing the “scenery pop-in” issue.

But I have noticed that when I turn my head (Track IR) to look around, or pan the drone view, the CPU usage and temp spike hard. My CPU is usually sitting around 30-40% utilization and 65-70 deg c when flying in dense scenery, and historically thats normal for my machine. But, now, when I adjust the view/turn my head, it will spike to 80-90% for a fraction of a second, and also hit 80-85 deg c quickly before returning to 65 deg.

GPU is around 90% utilization and 62-68 deg at all times.

Is this expected behavior for the CPU? Im guessing quick excursions to such temps are ok.

i7-10750 6-core CPU, 32 GB DDR4 ram, and Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU with 6bg of memory. Two 1TB M.2 NVMe SSDs. Windows 10 is at 20H2 update, Nvidia up to date.

Same here, but it’s to be expected, I guess.

What’s more annoying are the stutters arising from that. Once you pan the camera from inside the cockpit to the outside, the game freezes for half a second. Really puts a dent in the experience.

I don´t know if I understand you correctly (non english speaker here).

If you mean that when you move your head with TrackIR your performance goes down (I would call that a dip, not a spike, but again, not my language), then I see the same as you do.

And I´m really upset about it.

It is almost certain this is the way it works after SU5. They improved performance and memory usage by offloading what could be offloaded from memory when you are not looking in that direction.

Its OK if you don´t change your point of view fast, but we, TrackIR users, do that all the time. And now, we have to wait until the missing information is loaded again in memory.

I have 64 Gb in my system, before SU5 some very complex scenery could use up to 45 Gb of RAM, but was fluid because the system had all the data it needed in memory.

Now, I see memory use down to 15 Gb, but get a performance hit when I pan around with Track IR. It is ridiculous. Now the sim just does not use the memory it has available even when it needs it.

I say it has been “dumbed down to Xbox levels”…


They should not have reduced the memory usage as I also have heavy stutters when moving the camera. Makes every VFR traffic pattern unflyable. :angry:


Same issues here. I don’t like this at all. The spikes are getting too close to comfort. I have seen them jump to almost 90 at times. That doesn’t seem sustainable, especailly if I want to look around a lot. It’s causing me not to want to play anymore. I’ll take previous sim update over the increase in FPS (Never really suffered that bad of FPS loss before this) because I don’t think having CPU temp spikes every time you look around is right.

Only game that does this currently. All other CPU intensive games I play do not spike at all - period.

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Let’s be clear, regardless of improvements to the rendering system, we should be viewing this as a legitimate problem, not simply an acceptable tradeoff, and reporting it to the development team as such.

I tried flying over NYC tonight with a locked off camera, cockpit view, and simply banking the aircraft into a turn was a stuttering mess, frames stable when looking forward, but any movement introduces frame rate and frame time deviation that gets worse the faster the camera moves.

I agree also with the OP, I’m hearing my hardware fans spin up during camera movements, very odd indeed.