CPU suggestion for update

Hi, may I have an advice if, already having anVidia GeForce 4060 ti, installing a new CPU - Intel i9 14900K, my sim will work quite fluently?
Thanks for any answer,

(this CPU is for a maximum amount of 1,000 €, not more :slight_smile: )

What is your current cpu and ram?

A better GPU may be better bang for your money.

HI, my current CPU is i7 7700K, RAM is 26 gB

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D or AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D Processor.
They have a better performance with MSFS and are much cheaper.

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26 GB RAM is an odd number. RAM comes in (2 and 4 obsolete) 8, 16, 24, 32, 64.

I can’t figure out the math for 26.

It should be 32, then

See what AMD presents at next week at Computex, that might be the best choice for CPUs

Videocard is a better choice

I agree. Sell the 4060 Ti and buy a 4070 Ti Super or 4080. IMHO, the 4090 is still way too expensive for the performance increase over those two cards.

8 GB VRAM on the 4060 Ti is really not enough.

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It not only the videocard but the right combination CPU/GPU.
Because MSFS is also quite CPU bound.

I have great performance on my triple monitor configuration with a
Amd Ryzen 7 5800x3d and Nvidia 4070 super.

Depends if you want to use higher resolution or more traffic and tarrain-lod with complex aircraft like fenix a320. If you upgrade gpu you can increase resolution. If you upgrade cpu you can increase t-lod while using more traffic and complex aircraft. Me personally would upgrade CPU. I would choose the CPU with most and fastest cache. I think AMD has best cache

Thanks for your suggestion; well, I just purchased my RTX 4060 ti, and I can’t spend more money on the Graphic card, but since I know that in MSFS performance is a combination of the CPU and the card, for sure I’ll follw your advice about the AMD Ryzen 5800x3D. I’ll check in the internet the comparison withthe i9 14900K, my first thought.

Do check the performance on MSFS 2020 because this is a very specific application and has a other PCU/GPU performance demand in comparison to other games. :wink:

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CPU choice might be less constrained if MS/Asobo deliver on 2024 promises for better multithreading.

The GPU scene is about to get a little shaken up, though. I don’t know what AMD is planning but Nvidia seems ready to announce the 5000 series and they are expected to also hit this fall.

With the big changes coming to FS2024 and the next generation of Nvidia cards getting ready to hit, it may be worth waiting to see how things shake out. You’ll likely be safe with a 14th gen CPU but if looking at a video card, waiting a bit could open up choices and/or cause some price decreases for current cards.

Don’t expect to much from MSFS 2024.
It is not a new developed sim, it’s only a bit updated 2020 version.
MSFS 2024 is a marketing thing and it generates money in the pocket.

What you say is true but increased multithreading that better uses the CPU instead of just burying one core is something discussed as central to FS2024 so there will be some changes. How far it goes is why I said if it’s a nice to have upgrade, OP might want to see how things shake out before committing.

I suspect CPU choice will become less critical in FS2024, though, so if OP really wants to upgrade, my guess is no modern CPU would be that bad of a choice. Where it was more critical was with previous versions of FS that beat heavily on just one core. That made clock speed and single thread performance king.

But as you say, we don’t know how parallel FS2024 will actually be and how many cores it will want or use. An i9 14900k is way high up the food chain so will likely cover any parallelism MS/Asobo can deliver. The question would be for those with fewer cores or looking to buy less expensive processors.