CPU temps running very high

In most situations several cores in my CPU are spiking in the high 80s, and once in your the low 90s. I think it’s not often as the average temps are low 60s, but obviously I’d like to keep it lower.

I have a water-cooled 10900K (not overclocked), and a 400 LOD setting in the user.cfg but other than that pretty much vanilla.

Any advice for a) in-game / cfg settings that can be changed with minimal effect on experience to reduce load / temps, and b) hardware / environment tips to reduce temps (this is my first water-cooled build so I don’t have any experience with the cooling system) would be much appreciated!

Something is wrong?

My temps are higher than prior, I had to ease back my overclock a bit but still overclocked and on air, custom fan curve low to mid 60’s in a rather cool room.

9900k, notoriously hot CPU

Is this after the hotfix? I noticed my CPU is running 10°C higher since I installed it this evening (now 80 instead of 70°C).

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How about reducing LOD down to something more reasonable like 80. At 400, you are asking a lot of processing to be done by the CPU. Although if you want the high level of detail, make sure the water cooler is working properly. High temperatures are not necessarily a problem if there is sufficient cooling. If something goes haywire with the cooler or fans, the CPU will quickly overheat and hopefully will shutdown to protect itself.

Before the hotfix. About to download that. Good grief, I hope it doesn’t make it even worse…

Of course if possible I’d prefer to keep the lod, but will try reducing it if nothing else helps.

How do I check if the watercooling is working ok? Is there a utility I can download?

No other game gets near these temps (yes, I know flight sims are extra demanding on the cpu…)

Yes it was warmer post SU5 but really toasty post hotfix.

Also my GPU is running warmer as well and it’s gone from always being at 99% to 100%.

Before it was like an ice queen in the forties but now were cooking into the mid 60c range.

I reduced the high temperature by setting max. FPS to 40 (Nvidia settings)

Yea I have mine at 60 now, leaving overhead to see whats what.

Try slew mode and tell me how big the flames were :wink:

Have to take your word for it, never used the function.

I’m seeing the same thing with my i710700K. Also water-cooled.

Several weeks ago I turned hyper-threading off in BIOS and it made a significant improvement to both performance as well as a 10-12 C. cool down. I tried re-enabling HT due to the fact that MS/Aboso said they’d improved multi-core performance with SU5 but alas, my temps immediately spiked to 98C. :face_with_thermometer:

I’ve gone back to disabling HT and still seeing mid to upper 80’s for very brief periods (milliseconds) but overall running in the 50’s and 60’s per Core Temp Monitor.

If you haven’t tried disabling the HT in BIOS you might want to give it a try. It’s easy and quick to determine if you will see any benefit.

Yeah, thanks, I did do that actually and so far getting the same as you with no further spikes in the 90s so I guess it’s ok, but I think I’m gonna open a Zendesk ticket anyway. It was never this bad before even with hyperthreading on.

Yeah, and this is what they call “multi-core improvement”…what a crock of ■■■■.

I totally re-evaluated my voltages and clock speeds to cater to this sim and… it works.

I fully admit to wearing a hoodie indoors with the AC blowing directly on the face of my PC and having a redonculous CPU cooler.

But it works, only complaint once I’ve got tweaked in would be audio buzz, horrible like the game is locking up sometimes but it isnt audio buzz.

Would encourage everyone who’s seeing this to submit Zendesk tickets.

No I suggest you get some Kryonaught and get your rig running right, these temps are our CPU’s running like the stallions they are.

Check with the mobo or the CPU manufacturer. They should have programs that monitor just about everything, temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, power consumption. Several third party vendors have offerings but check them out. In my experience, sometimes they insert hooks into the system that can slow things down. I current use the NVIDIA Overlay. There is little or no overhead, monitors a number of items, and has a built in FPS counter.

There’s a few thing to try before putting in a ticket.

Drop you LOD back down to 200 as 400 is not officially supported. Do you really need it at 400?

Set a FPS cap in the game.

Check with another game to see if you get the same high temperatures. Try something like Call of Duty Warzone as it’s free. Run it at high settings to see if you get the same temperatures.

It could be that the plate in the cooling loop isn’t making good contact with your CPU. How is your air circulation around you PC? Could the exhausted heat from the PC be being pulled back into the intakes. Are the fans on the radiator pulling in heat from the case? If you’ve got a high end GPU they can really kick out some heat.

Confirmed turning off hyperthreading in bios pretty much solved the temps.