CPU upgrade and feeling undecided

I have an intel core i9-10900k and want to upgrade my CPU because I want to fly on 1080p with the ultra preset and maintain at least 30fps in even the most demanding areas, like JFK. I am giving myself 2 choices of upgrading to an intel core i9-11900k or a Ryzen 9-5900X. Which CPU should I pick?

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either will easily provide you this. I have an i9-9900k, 3080 GPU and get around 30-35 fps (consistently) on 4k HDR with everything on ULTRA

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1080p should be fine with a moderate GPU, on one monitor I’m absolutely perfect Ultra.

Unfortunately I have 3 :smiley:

i9 9900k also, 3060 GPU

Forgive the webcam quality but I was goofing around to trying to make it run poorly at 1080

Every slider slid, all numbers their highest, ultra.

of coz Intel :wink:

I would recommend a CPU that is overclockable as this SIM is very single core performance dependent. In this category I would go with the I9-10900KF and a good Z490 motherboard. The z490 boards are cheaper than the newer ones (and probably more available too). The latest processor 11900K has less cores (which is not really a huge problem) and it seems to be very hot based on the TDP, also the Z590 are expensive at the time.


2nd that! Also the 10700k on an MSI gaming edge Z490 works very well. I have OCD mine to 5Ghz with no problem running MSFS. But in the interest of not frying my processor dialed back to 4.8 which still nets me on all high settings 40fps plus withe 3070 rtx and a 2 k display.

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What motherboard do you have?
Most probably you can install the 11900K on the same MB just by updating the BIOS. Also, the 11900K is slightly faster in single core operations and will perform better.

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maybe wait until fater dx12 update, might be no longer single core dependent…
jees guys you need some patience, sim is changing all the time.

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11000 series are noticeably faster in per-core performance though.
Personally I’d go with Ryzen 5000 or the 11000 series for the sim. (I have a Ryzen 5800X.)
5900X over 11900K most likely, since the price difference is small and the difference in multithreaded performance is massive (40-45% or so in well-threaded benchmarks) in favor of the 12-core Ryzen.

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No denying the sim is improving, but I think that the single core dependency steams more from a deep architectural characteristic than from the graphics API. I’m personally betting that DX12 will bring only marginal improvements on that front if any.

Wait a few weeks for the DX12 integration, then look at your fps, check your settings and be happy. No reason to throw away a 10900k… :blue_heart:

From benchmarks I’ve seen posted on the internet, the 11th gen Intels are about 14% quicker than 10th gen at best. As such, if you are not already achieving 26 FPS in your most demanding CPU-bound flight simulator scenario, then you are not going to achieve 30 FPS with a new 11th gen i9.

Rather than upgrade your CPU, consider overclocking the one you have. Many i9 10900Ks can hit 5.2GHz all cores, which is a 6% boost over stock and gets you half way to what an 11th gen i9 would get you. If your CPU struggles to get that high or is running very hot at that speed, turning off hyper threading can help and has negligble impact on flight simulator performance at a given clock speed as you will still have 10 full cores to throw at it.

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Exactly, I don’t see any scenario where someone should go from a 10900K to the 11900K. The overclocking potential of the 10900K is huge. If anything maybe change the RAM kit for a faster one with higher MHZ capacity and low latency because that makes a huge impact on this sim too.

I’ve got a 11900K running at 5.1/5.2 stable with good temps. I could push it to 5.3, but the temps get out of control quickly with this CPU and I’m too afraid to delid it. Keep in mind, you’ll need a new motherboard to take full advantage of the CPU’s features. Then you’ll need to reinstall windows and all applications. The fresh install will help out performance a bit.

in terms of performance, Yes, you’ll see a performance increase due to the increased IPC of 11th gen. I run everything on ultra (with a 3090 gpu) and in the DC6 for example, I only get around 40-47 FPS on average in the cockpit. I say “only” because usually, with the TBM or C208, I can easily get 60+ in the same situation. It’s a very good CPU, but hardly future proof (unless ASOBO does some major overhauling). Within the next 2 or 3 generations of hardware, i’m fairly confident that we’ll be able to run Ultra with addon scenery and PMDG planes at 60 FPS. But for now, with top of the line gear - still struggling. BUT if your goal is to maintain 30 FPS in all situations, you’ll be able to do that with the 11900K without issue.

If you’ve got the $ and the time to reinstall everything, then go for it. But otherwise, your system is fine.

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A couple a weeks ago i upgraded from
I7 7700K@5Ghz to a I9 11900K.
I have also RTX3080 and 32Gb memory and Reverb G2.
I just changed motherboard and Cpu without reinstall Windows and everything works just fine.
I just had to install drivers for Wifi and Gpu.
I have not compared fps numbers but now everything is much more smooth in high settings.
The only thing is that i still suffer with random stutters when i flying near other planes or large airports but that is something Asobo have to fix and has nothing to do with our hardware.

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To be honest with ya, i was monitoring my flight sim session this morning. my CPU was like at 14% use (high settings), the sim hardly tickles it ( Ryzen 7 2700X 8 core) but my GPU Radeon 580 Series, was going between 85% and 99% usage. Not sure this sim uses the CPU all that much.

not sure about that, i was monitoring my system this morning, i was on high settings, and there were times when the drive the sim is sat on, was at 100% usage, this seems to be when i get the dreaded stutter

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