CPU Upgrade for smoother VR?

Hi Guys,
I am thinking of a CPU Upgrade. At the moment my specs are i5-10400f, rtx3070, 32GB and the reverb G2…
I get a relatively smooth experience with openXRrendering on 60% but some micro stutters.
Do you think my stutters would be gone if i am upgrading to a i9-10900 with 10 cores or is it just the sim that´s not that optimized yet for VR and i should wait till there is another performance update?
Thanks for your thoughts on this inquiry :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for VR, but I upgraded my CPU to the i9-10850k (from i7-6700k), & the performance improvement was extreme! I can’t stress enough what a huge improvement it was, Even though before the upgrade the FPS counter in game was saying ‘Limited by GPU’.

Your other pc specs would make me think that you’re definitely being bottlenecked by the CPU anyway.


Since SU5, the CPU is not being worked as hard and is more evenly balanced across cores, so a CPU upgrade may not be as beneficial as it previously would have been.

SU5 also reduced memory usage dramatically, down to something like 6.8GB max, so a lot of scenery is having to be reloaded in on the fly with view changes as low as 90 degrees.

This means that your rolling cache, if you use one, is getting a very good workout and can actually benefit from using some of that spare RAM as as RamDisk per this thread RollingCache revisited, essential now with the aggressive culling

FWIW, I have done what the linked thread suggests on my system (i9 10850K, 3080, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, G2) and have created an 8GB RamDisk and put FS2020’s rolling cache on there with a value of 7.8GB. Ever since I have done that, VR is now butter smooth and I will keep it that way until WU6 where we may be getting a scenery cache slider option that can use that extra RAM directly.


I am very happy to read this. I will be upgrading from an i7 7700K to a Ryzen 5800X in October and am really looking forward to it. I love upgrading my rig and working on it. I’m not expecting much in terms of my framerates, especially in VR since I’m clearly GPU bottlenecked with my HP G2.
But I’ll definitely do some before and after measurements and report back when the upgrade is complete.

Interesting and a good hint to use a RAM disk for the rolling cache. I will give this a try.

I use an intel 10900k but still get stutters, these GPU’s and CPU’s are not what they are cracked up to be so I wouldn’t bother but its your money?
Aorus RTX 2080 GPU
Z490 - H mobo

I recentöy upgrade from i5-10600k to i7-11700K

CPU wise there was not thst much of Performance gain.

What was the gamechsnger for me was upgrading my GTX 1070Ti to a RTX 3090.
VR on Ultra is now hardly ever getting below 45 FPS, but even then remains smooth on my oculus Rift.

So CPU alone might help, but I doubt thst it will do enough to call it significantly enough to justify the Upgrade from an economic point of view.

Unfortunately the Sim is utilizing the CPU quite poorly (Mine is below 30% most of the time) with 1 core at constant 100% and all the other cores as low as 10-20%.

It was said to have been improve with SU5, but I personally didn’t see much change…

Hey, thanks a lot with your tip on the rolling cache via RAM disk.
I tried the neapel experience for comparison and Indeed , it decreased the stutters a lot, - even I only created 4GB. It´s a much smoother experience stutter-wise now. Will try 8GB but as written there could be a problem with the page file.

I’m glad that this suggestion helped.

Re 8GB and page file, I believe this is more of an issue with 32 bit version of Windows, as 4GB is the max that version can address without some form of memory address trickery. The tooltip for the “Use AWE physical memory” checkbox on the advanced tab of ImDisk says that checking it guarantees the memory is never written to the page file. I have 64 bit Windows but have this checked, just in case.

Having said all that, if a 4GB RAMDisk is doing the trick with reducing stutters then you may as well just leave it and let other programs take advantage of the extra 4GB of unallocated RAM that an 8GB RAMDisk would otherwise steal.

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I just set up an 8gb RAM disk for the MSFS rolling cache and it’s fantastic, smoother in VR when turning my head than the former rolling cache on the SSD. I have the extra room so thought it would be worth trying via the freeware program IMdisk . My setup: i910900k, rtx 3090, 64gb, SSDs. I’ll keep using and report back on any problems.

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This is quite true, I also do think the performance would get much better if the balance between the cores is absolutely optimized to benefit from an upgrade to more cores…But the decision is not only based on the Flight Sim. But, as written here in many posts that it´s not an absolute game changer, i will overthink it one more time. Maybe save for a 3080 :slight_smile: