Crash on crash

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Flight with the PA28 ARROW III from JustFlight in version 0.5.5 and after a few minutes crash of MSFS, return to the Desktop.
2nd attempt, flight with the same aircraft. The flight is the same but crash before the end of the flight which was to last only 30 minutes. The crash was further than the first.
Another day, crash with the Asobo DR400-100. Same return on the desktop.

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The image freezes for a short time and returns to the desktop.
About a month ago, I did not know about these misadventures. No addition of addons since or even modification of hardware or settings.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

I7 - 6700K / 64 Go RAM / SSD 850 EVO Windows / SSD 850 EVO MSFS / Motherboard ASUS Z170-A
Graphic Card : GTX 970 / RTX 2080 SUPER
MSFS used RTX 2080

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1503022871692021661, type 5

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please also add the message from windows event log, may be we can see some intressting.

But at first it sounds like “over-heating”. You can try to limit the fps to a very low value ( 25/30) and do some test-flights. In special a system with two gpu’s have not the best airflow…

I also assume that you OC your bit older CPU ? If so, then try without the OC.

PS.: the “modification” is : summer temps :wink: … ah, and within the version field was the “game-version” meant…

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Thank you for your reply.
I’ll put the file as an attachment when I’m on my PC.
I would look at limiting the FPS. For information, I do not overclock my configuration.
I would do the test with this FPS limit and share my results here.

I redid the same flight by limiting my FPS to 30 and it did not crash.
I would do this same flight again to validate the solution.
Thanks very much.

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I have just tested the same flight again and without problems.
Thank you for this working solution.

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but don’t forget… limiting the fps fix the sympthoms, not the root-cause.

If possible choose in bios a faster fan profile. Some times also opening the pc case can help.

While (long) ago I also used a SLI system and I know how hot the whole case can become, in special because there is not much space beetween the gpus.