Crash to bios

I’ve owned msfs since day one. I can go a couple of months with no problem then tun into probably community conflict issues that cause it freeze on loading to get to Home Screen. My problem is I don’t know how to get out of it. The only thing that I can do is use task manager. However, that damages msfs. When I reopen it it goes through the opening splash screes and turns off the computer. I have reset a reinstall it. I cleared caches, host files tried using process tree and everything else suggested here but no solution to crashing and reinstall. When I try to open after task manager the community folder is empty. How else can I close the program other than task manager?

At what point is it crashing to the BIOS?

that sounds like a BSOD and so more like a system problem.

kill MSFS per Taskmanager does not remove anything. The only thing what happens is, that you get a message about “safe start” if you start msfs next time.

Please do the usually system checks ( sfc /scannow ; chkdsk ; dism … etc ) . Also check the windows event viewer for error messages.

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Also make sure that no cpu “affinity” program is running. Like Process lasso or similar.
Since the latest update(s), MSFS dont like these kind of programma’s. At least at my computer (Intel processor :thinking:).

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that was allways so , lots of old topics where e.g. ProcessLasso cause more trouble, than it was helpfull :sweat_smile:

I don’t have project lasso. Task manager doesn’t show anything else running, hard drive is running full time. Task manager shows not responding. I shut down using task manager. After restarting msfs it goes through splash screens and last one withe Microsoft words the font much smaller then it crashes to complete power off and computer reboots. I then have to reset and reinstall

Thats faulty hardware. It might be your PSU, or naybe cooling? When MSFS starts up it will start putting load on your system. Something clearly isn’t happy that its causing the machine to power off. Do you have the Make and model or specs of your hardware that you could share?

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Definitely sounds like a PSU issue as well as an overheated GPU. See if you can ramp up the speed of the fans on your GPU. Most of the time a rebooting computer can be traced to an under powered PSU or a failing one. But the fact that you restart MSFS and the fonts are much smaller sounds more like a GPU issue.

I will check all these suggestions. But why would it only fail after task manager shut down and not when loading after reinstalling?

still please open the windows event viewer ( post with a “howto” link Simulator doesn't start anymore at all - #603 by MichaMMA ) and check for printed errors, possible share the error messages/details with us.

I would have to wait until it fails again to get event viewer. Some time back when this happened it referred to permissions which I fixed then. Meanwhile tomorrow I having the computer completely checked and cleaned it my computer guys shop.

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One question, if a scenery in community is very very large and the blue bar is stopped half way through when loading and task manager says the program is not responding but the hard is fully active can the program still be loading but just taking an inordinate amount of time?

I replaced the Eva 650 power supply with a Corsair 1000 and it seems to have fixed everything. Thanks everyone for your help