Crash to desktop known issue? What happens from now on?

Yes I do have a iMac Pro, and I have tried with every settings. I do not run it at 5K. I can work around HD to UHD in some settings. Like display 3840 x 2160. The sim run smooth after graphic card driver. But I am not the only one with CTD, so I have try to run it at 1920 x 1080, it looks horrible but I just gave it a shot. I am consider a gaming PC in the future… But I just wanna check out if it`s mine there is something wrong with. Or can I run MSFS without CTD. In the meantime I have 55 hours flying, and I must say it depends when it crash. It can be a middle of takeoff, or landing or just in the sky. And I noticed when I use the VFR map that I try not to push that button. Sooo, I have avoid that… Because that is a known situation, I think there are many with great computers for gaming that suffer for Crash To Desktop…

4K is still a far too heavy load for a Vega 56. I would recommend running it at 3840 x 2160 and setting the render scale to 50%. Essentially it will be outputting 4K. but the render load on your GPU will be 1080p. That may help make things look better. And it should allow you to be able to turn up other graphic detail to high or ultra setting. Also make sure you have TAA set as your antialiasing when running below 100% render scale. That could help.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more I can think of other than monitoring your system temperatures. I still suspect that could be an issue due to Mac’s tendency to run hotter than the spec of the hardware components installed. And unfortunately, when it comes to Macs in general and gaming, there’s basically very little one can do. Support from Apple is non-existent since you’re running Windows.

Hopefully you can get things working smoothly.

GREAT Post … Good constructive technical help & information. Thank you.

Question: Why would ASOBO “NOT” be generating error reports that can automatically be sent back to Microsoft/Asobo ?
Manual reports with very little information, submitted to ZenDesk, just only seem to serve a PR function, making Users think they are helping to solve the problem.
In most cases, its a case of “Rubbish in = Rubbish out”

Personally, I never had a CTD, until I updated to Windows 10 2004 … now, despite making sure I have all Windows patches for 2004, I cannot fly in MSFS for more than 30 minutes before seeming random CTD.

It would be re-assuring to know that ASOBO is now currently developing and debugging on the 2004 version of W10.
I would go so far as saying, if you don’t keep Windows fully up-to-date, you should not expect an APP, in current development, to necessarily still be backwards compatible with an old version of the OS.

Any suggestion by ASOBO, that users need to keep using an earlier version, or revert back to an earlier version, is just too ridiculous to consider,

ASOBO’s #1 task should be to eliminate CTDs with 2004,

How they do that should not be that difficult.

They need to Internally, or Externally recruit a number of suitably vetted and qualified testers, (using verified and suitable hardware) and supply them with the tools, or a Debug version, that will automatically report crash logs to ASOBO . (ignore Performance hit)

This Manual trying to report CTD issues to ZenDesk is a Total waste of everyone’s time, and will achieve nothing, apart form an enormous waste of everyone’s time & resources.

Until ASOBO fix the frequent CTD issues with 2004, I see no point in wasting my time, as a customer, even trying to run MSFS …

Yes, I’ve seen how GREAT the Graphics are, but whats the point if the APP keeps crashing.?

No idea and there is no point in speculating. All we can really do is suggest that they collect crash dumps automatically and generate our own to include with bug reports until such time as we don’t have to.

That is always going to be a bit of whack-a-mole with a game like this. There have definitely been some issues that have caused wide-spread instability and Asobo seems to be addressing them (VFR Map crash, camera crash), but there are still going to be one-offs that frustrate users but are too random to be worth investigating. I wouldn’t mind the occasional crash as much if I had the ability to restore my flight to the point at which the (computer) crash occurred and carry on from there. IMO, that is a feature that Asobo should add sooner rather than later.

Actually that was my polite way of “suggesting” they should do it !!! lol

They must be really fed up by now by being “told what to do” by people who don’t know their ’ “Polymorphism” from their " Inheritance"

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OK… Crash Dump enabled and set up … and forced a CTD by plugging in my Thrustmaster FF Joystick. CTD every time.
Now I have a 8GB Crash Dump file, that should show everything – including the color shirt I was wearing when it crashed. PID.dll would seem to have something to do with it.

Then a light bulb lit up . That big 2004 update that seemed to be causing all the issues.
How good is windows at doing such a big update ? Can it “mess up” ? SURE IT CAN

Did a sfc / scannow (yeah, stupid me, should have done that after the update … it was good before the update)
It found a whole bunch of things wrong and fixed them. Ran the scan a 2nd time, and this time it found nothing wrong.

Been flying for over 2 hours now ( a Record with 2004), and so far … No CTD

I should have know better … but it feels like having a whole new Sim !!!

Now if only NY Center did not keep wanting my C175 to climb up to FL230 !!!

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Another hour into the flight, and no CTD !!! I am so psyched !!!

After the 2004, I was al ready to shelve MSFS for a few months, but it was NOT the Asobo update, it was the W10 update that was messing things up …

And not the 2004 itself, but issues that seemed to have occurred in doing the update,
that “sfc / scannow” seems to have fixed.

Still numerous “bugs” but at least the sim keeps running and does not seem to be crashing anymore.
I even was able to record a video & edit it, while still flying (on AP )!!!
That’s very encouraging from a CTD stability point of view.


Hi there.
How are you guys doing with all this crashes?
For me it worked fine and I hade no clue of what this topic was about… but as of now and a few days back.
FS2020 crashes to windows way to often… saving my flight every 15 minuts or so just to be sure.

Any idea when this will be resolved?