Crash to Desktop when starting a flight from SimWings EDDM Munich Airport


I have always a CTD when starting a flight from EDDM SimWings Munich Airport. This happens since last sunday almost every time. Outside of EDDM sim is rock stable and other payware Airports function without any problems. Reinstalling Simwings EDDM did not help. Seems to happen only if launched directly as departure without specific Gate/Parking/Runway.

Did anyone also experienced this?

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I can confirm ongoing CTDs from EDDM but only if i start from a Gate

Me too, if landing on Runway 8 both i can land.
On RW 26 both it crashes 200 feet before the runway ( tested serveral times now )
From Landing on RW 8 i got to the gates and catering and Baggage cars work, but than if i go back to the Main screen MSFS crashes.

The mymaterials folder i got only one…

cheers :wink:

Hmm, ive flown quite a few times from EDDM and to EDDM and never had a single CTD. But i did not test it since the latest update, but definitely after WU4. Will check and come back.

For the time being, i would report such issues to the developers and not here in the forum.

Have the same problem. When I want to start at EDDM the game just crashes without error message… I have deleted EDDM and reinstalled. Unfortunately that did nothing.

At which Forum we should report this? Sim Wings or Aerosoft? I have no clue…