Crash to Reboot - CTR

I don’t have any add-ons in my Community folder. I’m not using Developer Mode or made changes in it.
Does anyone else have Crash to Reset? Not even blue screen. No hotfix made a change. After SU5 and both hotfixes, I am still having Crashes to Reset, which are worst than CTD’s.
Crashes are happening when I zoom or pan the World Map, and If I don’t delete the Rolling Cache, crashes remain happening in the same region of the world map. The worst is that it is happening randomly.
My system crashes only when using MS Flight Simulator SU5. It doesn’t happens in any other video game or program; or before SU5.
Also in the middle of a Flight. Crash to Reset again.
When I delete the rolling cache maybe a crash to reset doesn’t happens, but comes back any other time or day randomly.
I mostly play in VR but crashes happens also when not using VR.
Before SU5 I have never experienced Motion Sleekness. The quality of the scenery, aircraft, clouds, etc. Is notable worst, compared to SU4.

I did every SOLUTION provided by support, I even reinstalled a fresh Windows 10 and FS2020 again, but nothing can be as it was before SU5. THANX.

can you explain what a “Crash to Reset” is ? You mean a BlueScreen or just a System Reboot ?

In this case it points often to issues with your hardware, mostly GPU over heating. Driver issues can this cause to ( from chipset till gpu drivers ).

Often you can find also in these cases message within the windows event viewer, which may be helpfull.

Could be power supply issues as well, especially if it’s under load when it happens.

That was one of the reasons I bought a 1600W PSU, so I’d never have to be concerned about it.

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This does sound like a heat issue, most likely the GPU. However, since SU5, a higher proportion of the computing load has been handed to the CPU. So… you may be getting excessive heat from your CPU as well.

If you could post your system specs that may help guide people to a possible solution for the issue you’re experiencing.


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Yes, I mean System Reboot. Is not my hardware, did you read all my previous post?. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and Checked Event Viewer, FS2020 logs and every other tool for monitoring performance. This never happened before SU5.

Please answer If you are having the same experience by yourself.

Same here. The game starts up and while loading a flight the blue line stops at 3/5. I contacted last week and today and Michrosoft and Xbox. Both told me: a world wide problem by a lot of users. They are working on it and have no idea when fix will come.

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Thank you Seven7Tango,
System 1 tested:
CPU: Intel i7-9800x
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080
RAM: 32 GB (tested independently as well)
PSU: 1500 W
OS: Windows 10 Professional 21H1

System 2 tested:
CPU: Intel i7-9800x
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
RAM: 32 GB (tested independently as well)
PSU: 1000 W
OS: Windows 10 Professional 21H1

And I’m going to test in another 5 more gaming rigs. The fact is that any of these computers failed before SU5, and now they are.

That’s really interesting. Could it be network related? Perhaps the router is throttling data? Rumor has it that network speed and router performance (data overflow) are playing a larger role in poor performance since SU5.

I don’t think it’s network related, the other PC is from one of my customers, he has another ISP. But what I discovered, thanx to your first post, is that since SU5 uses more resources from the CPU, the crash occurs because CPU is not able to handle the overload. Somehow the rolling cache or other files get corrupted, and a vicious circle starts, until you delete the rolling cache. Even if you play with everything offline, if you haven’t deleted the rolling cache, crashes still remain.

What is important, is an official pronunciation related to the reported crashes. I am very curious and also I have many customers that need a solution or a feedback from the responsible team.

If we have to wait for another update, then simply they have to tell us.
If we have to go and Buy a 11th Gen CPU I9 and a RTX 3090 with an expensive and super cooling system, then they have to tell us.
If we have to go and buy an Xbox Console, They have to tell us.

Anyway thank you for your help, but I think the solution goes more deep than the System Specs. Microsoft Store shown the minimum and recommended specs, so I selected and spend money building a gaming rig, based on those specs. Now they can’t come with this interesting update which ask more hardware.

I hope and trust that there will be a solution, but I am still dreaming in a Roll Back to SU4, or an option to choose between GPU or CPU load proportions.

Hi, thanx. My PSU is 1000W Real, I monitored voltages and consumption and not reaching even 600W, playing in 1080p- I don’t have and don’t care playing in 4K Ultra Settings, just VR.

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I Had the same problem turned off rolling cache I will delete my 200 gb rolling cache that has over 30 x3 saved locations/ whenever i turn it on it gives me ctd and ctr

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there is one previus post in that topic, the first one.

What we know about a “System Reboot”'s is, that there is a issue with your system. All others results ins a CTD.

MSFS works fine for me. If that is your question. But I understood you asking for hints about your System Reboots. I gave hints, and other users gave same hints…

PS.: you should ask @EarliestPort26 whether he read your issue report. He speak about a completly different thing as you reported.

You are absolutely correct. I quit “chasing my tail” with regard to my system once I established a stable video driver environment.

Good call with the Rolling Cache; deleting it is something I do every now and again to “flush” it and let it rebuild. I’ve also set my cache at 32GB (from the standard 8GB) so perhaps that helps too.

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The larger the cache it’s possible it would take longer to push out old data, perhaps making it more likely to cause a crash than a smaller cache.

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You are absolutely right, sorry and thank you anyway for the hints which always are welcomed, I am just more interested in similar cases within users who experienced this issue by themselves.

It’s interesting that also happens when using manual cache. Thanx for the info.

Just an update to the case.
I discovered that no crashes CTDs or CTRs occurs after “disconnecting and disabling all Oculus VR systems”.
When oculus Headset and sensors are connected and OVRService and oculus Home running, FS2020 SU5 CTD and CTR occurs, no matter If I play In VR or without VR in FS2020.

I tested in other gaming rigs and what I discovered is that oculus VR somehow, combined with FS2020 SU5 is causing issues. I played without VR since yesterday for more than 12 hours without any Issue.
My guess is that something stings between Microsoft Asobo, Nvidia and Oculus.

Anyway, even playing in ultra no VR, many objects appear to be smashed in comparison with objects when SU4 was working. I am playing without any VR, but The Idea is to play in VR, that was the reason I bought FS2020. VR is the best way to Simulate Reality.

VR… ah… thats a different story. We have strange issue reports as long as VR comes into the “topic”. There are reports like that VR must not used, just the software/drivers is installed, and the trouble started. I haven’t noticed it former in first post…

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CTD happens with my system when i have Photogrammetry turned on and i go to World Map
and zoom in to a airport. I have third party Liveries loaded in my community that are Certified to work
with SU5. I then removed all Third party items from my Community Folder and still have CTD when i use World map. Very Frustrating!! Never had CTD until SU5. My System is a mid range Alienware Computer I5 Nvidia 1060 with updated Graphics Drivers and My MSFS is on a SSD drive. i Also have a very fast network. I was enjoying MSFS and had no CTD’s Prior to SU5. I also have my Graphic settings set to default High. My frame rates are not the best but i am not concern as much with frame rates if i can get a smooth running Simulator and decent visuals. Yesterday i removed all items in the community folder and i still have CTD’s ? the interesting thing is that it is not every time i use the world map but now happens every now and then. For now i will wait to load in any third party addon’s for a while. Im not saying that it is Third Party addons that is causing CTD’s but I’m trying to limited any possibilities that it is related.

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Thank you man. That’s my point, SU5 is a nightmare, I mean isn’t just one issue, there are a lot of issues. I loved SU4 so much, I could fly VR in Tokyo in the middle of the channel, I could see all objects in 3d, no flat or smashed objects. I could even read the announces on top of the buildings, the boats, the bridges, etc. Everything was good, not perfect, but very good.