Was on a flight from KBOS to KDTW and all was great until when on final into the Detroit area the screen froze then was okay, then froze again, and this time completely crashed. I never had this problem before. I have developers’ mode on off because (when on I have a red and blue lines run through the screen.) I been having developer’s mode on off for a while. I guess I am asking, what graphics settings immediately effect the frame rate. Also, I am running the latest driver for my Nvidia GFORCE RTX 3060 (577.56)

is the 528.02 driver not available for RTX 3060.

Have you seen what the fps is doing during those freezing periods.

Another thing, is there still plenty of room on the storage drive the sim is on and also the storage drive for Windows? as this can/will cause slow down. Experienced it myself a long time ago when my windows storage drive was almost full.