Crashes and black displays with Bredok3D 737 Max

Sent this to Bredok3D support, but thought I would post here as well just in case someone else has tge same issue and somehow fixed it.

This is XBOX just as a FYI

Still getting crashes and black displays when using your plane. I have 2 different 3rd paty sceneries (klas & kmdw) and it ctd’s on both. My other issue is the instruments & displays. when I turn on external power the displays will come on briefly (maybe 5 min) and then shut off. Sometimes when I start the engines using hotkey (ctrl + e) that will bring them back to life but not 100% of the time. Are there any updates coming for the xbox version of plane? When it works it flies great, but that unfortunately is not a consistent thing.

I am surprised you say “issue” and not “issues”.
That plane is basically trashware, the model looks more or less like a 737 but there end the similarities, I doubt you will get any support from them.


They do a pretty good job on liveries, but their aircraft leave a lot to be desired. Even if the flight model was perfect, the cockpit needs a pile of work done on it.