Crashes to desktop when selecting general in options menu

Hi All,

Everytime I go into options tab then to general (To change some settings i.e. graphics or traffic etc) … The general tab freezes then just crashes to desktop.

Any ideas?

I have recently re installed the sim on to new computer … no problems before on previous computer and all updates up to date.

PC Spec - AMD Ryzen 9 590x 16-core
32GB Ram
Geforce RTX 3090

Hi @BusiestTexas941!
Welcome to the forums!

I have moved your topic into Bugs & Issues > Performance, Graphics and CTDs as this is the area for the issue you are having.

One thing to make sure of is that you have nothing in the “Community” folder and that you have the US English Language pack installed for Apps & Websites. This is different than the native language for Windows 10.

Thanks ok :slight_smile:

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