Crashing every time after waiting months for Honeycomb Bravo

No add-ons in my Community folder

Not using Developer Mode or made changes in it?`

Build Version`

Microsoft Store version`

submitted to Zendesk? but no ticket # yet.

I waited 9 months to get the bravo. I managed to set up 2 profiles, one for twin pistons, the next for the CJ4, flew them to test everything was ok. Was about to create one for the CRJ when the startup failed to load correctly. I now can’t get the sim to run at all, it fails to load every time.

I have cleared the community folder and unplugged all controllers, even uninstalled and reinstalled the Bravo software but it makes no difference.

Wont complete the load or get past 4 minutes, fails at New Activities`.
The load does exactly the same every time with minor variations in time:
58 s Black screen appears
1.14 XBOX screen
1.22 ASOBO screen
2.07 Check for updates
2.51 World Improvements
3.10 Honeycomb module appears in task manager
3.28 New Scenery
3.55 New Activities never completes
about 4.00 minutes Crash to destop with no error message

I tried a lot of the suggestions posted virtual ram, “Reliab” etc. Terminate and Repair, but the thing that has worked for me was to use the Reset in the App Settings option and I fully expected to lose my 569 logged hours and all but 3 achievements but remarkably they are still there and all the purchased addons too.
If you go to the windows start button and find your MSFS2020 start button. Right click on it and look for APP Settings. There will be the 3 options Terminate and Repair as suggested on this forum and RESET. the first two didn’t work for me.
I am not saying this is the best course of action and there is no guarantee that you will retain everything the warnings suggest all settings and files will be deleted so please try with caution but it worked for me.
Hope you have similar success.

Well I can’t believe it, but after flying again all day with the Honeycomb Bravo, I decided to set up the CRJ with a profile and it crashed on first load. Even worse the sim will not load and I am back to square one.
The FREE FBW A320NX worked perfectly so the most expensive plane I have paid for so far doing this is really poor. Ironically I got the Bravo from Aerosoft too.
I can understand why some people on these forums are so angry.

If anyone actually gets to read this and can offer any suggestions, I would be really grateful. Even your comiserations would be well received.