Crashing when using HDR - Moving popout windows

Edit: Okay, this is fixed. Good job 'Sobo!

Edit: It still crashes

Hi there, just thought I’d share a repeatable crash. I am using a HDR montior as the main screen and I have a standard monitor for the second (Non HDR), and when moving VFR map or any pop out to the second monitor, the game instantly freezes and will remain in that state until I force close through task manager.

I understand why this would cause issues but just wanted to share.



I’m having the same issue. Please report this on Zendesk, i have done that too.


Exactly the same issue here. I reported it on Zendesk today.

My windows 10 version is 2004.

Sorry guy :wink:

If I find a solution, I will tell you.

Can you disconnect the second monitor (Non HDR), and see if that works.

FS works well with both monitors if I don’t move any popout window from a monitor to another.
The issue happen WHEN windows are moved.

Yes, HDR ON in Windows is causing the game to freeze.

If HDR is ON in Windows and HDR10 is OFF in the game, it still freezes. That said, that still doesn’t tell us if the problem comes from Windows, or from FS, or both.

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I only had the problem when dragging popouts to the second monitor (Non HDR), and if I remember rightly, the game will remember the layout of your popouts from your last session, so if you load up a plane and your popouts automatically open on the second monitor I assume it would crash. Try turning off HDR on the main screen before even loading the game, bring your popouts back to the mainscreen, and load back up again.

You have a choice between keeping popouts on the mainscreen and having HDR on, or turning HDR off and putting popouts wherever you like. Personally I think the ability to move the popouts to other monitors is amazing, so I’m happy to sacrifice HDR for that.

Any news on this issue - is it still a problem?
Has anyone confirmed you can pop out the panels to another HDR monitor without freezes or is it only a theory?

It’s still an issue when your primary monitor is HDR and your others aren’t. I don’t know if it works if you have more than 1 HDR monitor, as only my main monitor is HDR. I can’t test it.

Ok, thanks. A bit expensive to have HDR secondary monitors though.

The last update seem to have this fixed for me. But if I pop out the “Flight Map” window (button “V”) the game seems to not like that at all and I have a massive performance drop.

I’ve noticed it recently with any of the pop out windows. I made a change to use the internal Intel GPU for the 2nd monitor and now it’s way more frequent. Going to put the 2nd monitor back on the primary RTX 2060 card and see if that helps.

Seems to be video related though because at times for a few seconds the pop out windows all go black then come back. Crashes seem to be related to when I move or resize the windows though.

Whilst I dont have any crashes when I move the pop out windows from my “HDR 4K” monitor to my second 1080p non hdr monitor, the text becomes way tooo large, and sometimes the window is off screen, and cannot be moved down. Does anyone have a solution for the text appearing too large when moving to a monitor with a different scaling?

I - knock on wood - don’t experience any crashes or freeze-ups when popping out windows to my non-hdr screen.

Yeah same here. It still crashes for me, just not immediately - sometimes, after 30min or so. Manipulating the windows after some time in flight almost always triggers an immediate crash. I’m just not running HDR any longer, unfortunately.