Crazy Scenery Issue - Cliffs of Dover

This is a crazy one. I was flying with a friend last night in the Stearman over the White Cliffs of Dover, in the UK. We were in VR and landing all over in farmers fields in the area. I tried landing on top of the actual cliffs. It is nice smooth looking grass on top of the cliffs. I slowed to land and sunk through the cliffs. I was beneath transparent cliffs with another cliff below me. At first I didn’t know what was happening. It took a minute to see what was going on. I powered up and flew back up through the cliffs. If you hit the cliffs fast you will crash, but if you hit them slowly you sink through them and can fly along under the cliff roof with a different looking cliff below you. This happens in the highest part of the cliffs which are west of the town of Dover. I didn’t do a lot of testing, I don’t know if it happens with other planes or in other areas, but if happens there.

The cliffs are 3D objects. Looks like they are not solid everywhere

They may not have a collision box? The UK World Update Edinburgh Castle model is the same. It’s not truly treated as a solid in game. After SU5 when it was floating above the rocks it’s built on it was possible to fly through it (and because of this to land under it)

Just two screenshots to support the original report.
The cliffs are also not aligned very well with the location of the ‘original’ cliffs and moved significantly into the sea.