Create new taxiway/runway lights like Xplane 12

Hey guys, i think the lights for taxiways/runways are a mess. Especially the taxilights I would like to change. The taxilights should be bidirectional and should have reflections on the ground.

Could someone give me a hint how to start a project like this? Or is it Impossible?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards

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it’s already exist Unknown’s Runway Lights pour Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


Thank you very much! Its almost what im searching for. The taxilights dont have this :slight_smile: they are not bidirectional and they have no cones :wink: If there is a way to edit this mod i would love to learn how.

Yes, the green light taxis are bidirectional, to edit I’ll let you see with his dev :wink:

Hey Nicottine, thank you! Then Inwould increase the intensity of the Green lights. What do you mean by saying I’ll let you see with the dev?:slight_smile: Are you the Developer? :slight_smile:

No i’m not the dev of this mod