Create "service status" web page for MSFS

Given the apparent complexity of the MSFS ecosystem, it would be helpful to have a service status page available for users to see what the current status is of the various components of the service, e.g.:
General server status
Bing maps data status
Multiplayer status
Real world traffic status
MeteoBlue data status
Azure status

This would help users who maye be experienced a degraded experience to know whether this is a problem with the remote services (and hence likely temporary) or whether this is a genuine bug/glitch/performance issue with their local installation/hardware.

  1. MSFS is used globally, 24/7 by a large and growing audience.
  2. Functionality is heavily dependent on online services to be working and reliable.
  3. MSFS is highly sensitive when it can’t reach a particular server, and tends to NOT have graceful fallback - the messaging tends to blame the user with “you don’t have enough bandwidth” messages, instead of saying “We can’t reach our own server”.
  4. When there are server-related issues affected many users, this forum is the only source of information, and the volunteer forum staff don’t have access to information about servers - this leads to unecessary frustration and arguments.
  5. Often the suggestion is to file an official ticket at Zendesk for any problem, but Zendesk staff also do not have proper visibility in to server outages, and frankly their responses indicate a default attitude that any issue MUST be a user mistake.
  6. For the sake of customers, fans, and forum staff, please implement a live status page that shows the status of all the various services MSFS relies on, including Azure, Bing Maps, Xbox, Marketplace notary validation, Meteoblue, etc.
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That’s manually updated - and forum staff are always saying they have little visibility in to microsoft server status. We need a proper, live status page like every other online service has.

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Yes please, it wouldn’t even be super hard to build.

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Are you available? :slight_smile:


That would be great but they wouldn’t want to admit how often it slows down! They need to upgrade and expand their servers so things like this last week never happen again. For such a giant like Microsoft this should never have happened in the first place.

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No, I really need to finish the announcement webhook though. My Desktop kind of blew up which has made things a bit difficult :stuck_out_tongue:


A couple of attempts to get visibility on this. Some good info in the threads:

There are also links to Playfab and the Official XBOX server site on the page.
We may never get a dedicated status page, but it would be nice.

I currently can not even fly in MSFS on Xbox X, because “your game licence cannont be authenticated”… this is because one or another Azure server is having yet another cache issue. The only way we can get Asobo to fix this kind of problem is if we can demonstrate the server is the problem… this is why we need visibility on server status for MSFS.

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Like most services, we always look for the status of the services on the website. It would be interesting for Flight Simulator to have one so we can see the status of the different servers.

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The problem is that MSFS is dependent on Azure, which is huge and outside of MSFS’s control. I have advocated for some kind of lightweight but intelligent telemetry to be added in to MSFS (subject to user consent), to let MS/Asobo track how each instance of MSFS pings Azure, Bing, Weather, Traffic, Marketplace, etc… And then MSFS could have some live visibility in to connection issues, and, provide a status page whether automated or manually updated.

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