Creating a POI marker from a SimConnect client at runtime?

Hi all! I’m throwing together an experimental SimConnect client which I’m hoping to use to query Wikipedia for interesting things around you to read about as you fly, and show POI markers in the simulator so you can see what’s what. I’ve successfully managed to read the aircraft’s position out of the simulator on a 1 Hz timer, which is a good start!

But I’m a bit lost when it comes to adding POI markers, as the documentation is very spartan and the examples I’ve found within the current SDK, online on MSDN for an old version, or for Prepar3d’s alternate version don’t seem to contain any examples of adding POI markers managed at runtime by a client.

I’d need to create them at specific locations, with suitable labeling, as the user approaches them and then destroy them as you fly farther way.

I get the impression that SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject is what I want, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what container ID to use, or how to apply a label on it. (Perhaps by setting a sim var?)

Has anyone successfully injected POI markers into the simulator and manipulated them at runtime before, and how did you do it?

Thanks all! If I figure it out on my own I’ll report back later. :smiley:

Get FStarter from rksoftware, it has user POI settings + a lot more.

I’d also be interested in being able to use the in-game markers for POIs or other data. Let me know if you make any headway.

Where do I find the source code for FStarter? It’s not obviously an open source application, I see no indication that source might be available on the web site.

To be clear, does FStarter create in game POI? I have not seen a screenshot.