Creating a "proper" KAP140 mod

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Did anything ever come of this? I’ve been messing with the current KAP140.js to better enable the display on an arduino/Mobiflight KAP140 I built, and would like to incorporate the arming feature. Happy to help with any collaboration on this.

Yes, pls have a look here:


FYI - arming works, VS capture works, arming by simply turning knobs works… AP engage works when HDG button is pressed. And I implemented UP / DOWN functionality in ALT mode to go up / down by 100 FT (because chaning by 20 ft like real device is not supported in MSFS). This works… most of the time. Best I can tell, the default version (making the ‘coherent’ call to increase altitude by 20 ft) more often than not results in a massive climb very soon leading to stall. The +100 / -100 ft version at least is not trying to killl you :slight_smile: even if it does not seem to work every time you press the buttons…

Any case - happy for you to join the party. If you can’t tell - I have no idea how version numbers should work or how to work github all that well in respect to readmes… but hopefully what’s there now is atleast a start.
@N6722C fixed text formatting issues as well (at least in cessna I think ?) using wrong altemeter value. Not yet implemented in this mod.

(GitHub - m-chomiczewski/MC_KAP140_MOD)

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Is there a licensing requirement for this mod, Anyone use it in any capacity? Don’t see anything about licensing. Thanks, works nicely.

No licensing required. Open srouce, free to use.


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was looking for a KAP140 fix and discovered this thread. however i’m curious if it fixes the problem I’m having.

As I’m sure everyone’s noticed, the KAP140 VS mode seems to severely lack the authority to maintain your entered vertical speed when changing power settings. it’s like the elevator trim authority only exists in a tiny range and if it needs to move the trim more it gets stuck, and so you either sink like a rock or climb like a rocket.

Does this mod fix the elevator authority for better VS mode? thanks for any info

PS i made a thread about the issue here: BN-2 Vertical Speed Autopilot - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The WB-SIM Enhansement Mod for the Asobo C172SP Classic, includes a 100% Accurately simulated KAP140, that operates exactly as described in the Bendix KAP140 Pilot’s User Manual.

ie All feature are Functional - The closes yet to a “Study Level” KAP140 for MSFS

His question was, how does this mod compare?
Unless the WB-Sim mod of the KAP140 can be used in conjunction with other planes?

The Mod is an integral part of the WB-SIM Plane mode, and is a integral part of the plane, interfacing to other instruments and controls in the plane.
So you get the benefit of a fully working and integrated KAP140 AP, in the WB-Sim C172 Mod, when you purchase the payware WB-SIM C172 enhancement mod.

That’s why I asked the question. I’m sure the original asker has other planes he wants to use the mod in… While the WB-Sim plane is very impressive, as you noted, the KAP-140 in it is not usable anywhere else. Understandably so.

Well, you buy a PMDG plane … Do you expect to be able to take the systems and gauges out of that plane, and put them into say a Captain Sim plane !!
Does not work that way :scream:

the KAP 140 in the JP Logistics c152 is excellent as well

I’m not ASKING to use WBSim KAP140 anywhere else. I thought I was clear about that.

The question was, can the KAP140 mod at fix his problem. He didn’t ask about the WBSim KAP140. He can’t use that one in other planes. Since you’re familiar with both of them, you are a good person to ask. Yet you keep extolling the WBSim KAP140, which he can’t use. It’s totally irrelevant how good the WBSim KAP140 is to his question.

Then maybe m-chomiczewski is the best person to ask, as he would be far more familiar with his own mod, than I will ever be.

I only mention the WB-SIM’s version of the KAP140, as a possible Reference to how the KAP140 works in RL.

Has anyone else had difficulty assigning the KAP140 functions to external devices? I have the updated JPL152 with the KAP140, and I’m primarily trying to assign the Increase/Decrease Reference Altitude functions to a couple of buttons on my CH Products Flight SIM yoke. Assigning to the buttons is a no-brainer, but I’m having zero luck with the reference altitude controls for the KAP140.

Is this related to your issue?

It’s similar, yes. I reassigned the Increase and Decrease Reference Altitude controls to switches on my yoke. The switches correctly control the altimeter altitude setting on other autopilots, for example it works fine with the G1000. But the KAP140 in the JPL152 doesn’t respond to them at all.

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You might want to talk to WT about this, as it looks as if their new GNS530 has “taken over” the actual AP functionality, just leaving the original KAP140 as a “Button Box”

ie The GNS530 that thjnks it is a G1000 with integrated AP to control the plane ?