Creating COMP and NORM textures?

I’m SO close to finally figuring out a great method of creating liveries using a combination of Blender, Photoshop, and sometimes Illustrator (happen to be an expert in it, so I’m comfortable with it) and doing it while being able to edit them dynamically and in real-time.

I learned how to import models of planes from MSFS and how to clean it up and assign the albedo image files and, of course, create liveries.

Now, I’m at the point where I’m pretty much satisfied with the livery and at one point thought I’d just simply make the DDS files and make the livery folder and DONE. That was until I saw those COMP and NORM files.

If someone can please enlighten me on what they are and what they do and how to create them, I’d very much appreciate it. I guess it’s something to do with baking PBR textures, whatever that is? (I can’t even find out what PBR stands for). From a friend, I was able to find and download a rendering addon (Bystedt, if anyone needs it: Blender addon - Bystedts Blender Baker) but I’m kinda stuck on what to do. I tried watching a video tutorial of it but I’m afraid it’s gone over my head a bit.

Many thanks in advance!

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Here is a good video on COMP textures, its what I used to get started.
I don’t touch NORM files anymore when ever I tried to alter them they didn’t work.