Creative Screen Shots - How?

There are a number of flyers who have sorted out how to get ‘creative’ screen shots.
I think they are using the Drone Camera.

I am particularly looking for the Camera Settings/mappings that give the airport shots where the foreground & background have a slight blur, but the subject aircraft, in the center of the shot, is in sharp focus.

To get a depth of field effect you have to move the camera away from the plane, then zoom in on it. The drone camera has a zoom.

you will also need to make sure that ‘depth of field’ graphics setting is on. There is also a depth of field on/off setting on the drone camera too.

When the camera is on wide angle, it’s almost impossible to get a blurry background. When you zoom in with a lens, you narrow the field of view and also flatten the depth of focus (and also flatten the sense of perspective too)

Hope that helps.

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