CRJ-700 rotation (not flight model)

I have an issue that I hope someone might be able to help me with.
I am having trouble getting the CRJ to rotate at the appropriate speed. It seems to be sticking to the runway, and after it eventually lifts off, I have to apply significant nose-up trim to keep climbing.
This is what I’ve been doing to avoid the most common pitfalls:

  • flight model is set to “modern”;
  • C/G slider is set to 35% in the weight & balance tab, all fuelling and loading done through the on-board EFB;
  • after entering ZFW and fuel, I click “send data to sim” twice to make sure I get the appropriate trim value;
  • elevator trim is set to the EFB-calculated value;
  • controls are calibrated properly both in MSFS and in the CRJ.

The trim changes I need after takeoff suggest a weight & balance issue, but I believe I have followed all the suggested steps. I also tried the C/G slider full right (which since one of the updates now goes up to 50%), with no improvement.
For a while, it seemed to be working just fine with the above settings, but for a couple of days I’ve been having the same problems again. Am I missing anything?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Sounds like you are doing everything right, I have had no issues and completed a couple of flights over the weekend with no problems, What figures are you getting for the recommended take off pitch? Fom memory this normally only needs adjusting a couple of notches.

After all the issues with thrust, are you happy that your throttles are working correctly and set to TOGO for the take off run?

you never mentioned flap setting, im sure you got that down but thought its worth a mention, standard flap 8?

Are you setting a flex temp figure? I never do as I dont believe there is an accurate calculator out there yet.

Just a few thoughts but nothing glaringly obvious with what you are doing, I read on the aerosoft forum they dont really advise using the ZFW setting, but thats what I always do, straight from Simbrief like you

I did notice that the small switch above the reversers was off on my last flight, something about auto dump ground speed (from memory) I have never noticed that before but more than likely I accidentally switched it off when aiming for the reversers, again, just a thought

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Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I’m usually getting trim values of around 7.2–6.9, so indeed just a few clicks away from the standard setting. I am also using flaps 8, no flex thrust, throttles in TOGA detent.

I did not know about the ZFW entry not being recommended. I switched to ZFW a while ago and will definitely give the pax/cargo method another try. Although the C/G seems to be within limits on the graph and one would assume that any differences in load distribution would be reflected in the calculated trim.

Another suspicion I had was that the recent F/D update screwed something up for me. If nothing else works, I will try a reinstall (the simmer’s favourite pastime) – although I would prefer to find another solution.

That switch is for the spoilers.
If disarmed you have manually deploy the spoilers after touch down, you can let the switch to “Auto”


The flightdynamic guy responsible for the CRJ wrote that the CRJ is developed for a CG=35%
Make no adustments in the Sim Menue.
Insert all weights and fuel only via EFB.

Set up your flightplan in the FMS as first step.
After that insert all weights and fuel calculations in the EFB, use only "Copy Perf Init Data to FMS.
You can ignore die other two options.

Depends of weights but it looks good.
I start most with Trim 7.0 - 7.8 (near MAX Landing Weight) and Flaps 8

I normally use FLex Temp 30. This give you a max thrust up to around 91-92%

for what it’s worth, I’ve been flying tonight with no problems at all. However, your comment re sending data to sim twice just made me think, that if you watch this on the EFB, the trim value changes by sending twice.

No worries, hope you get it sorted, everything you are doing seems to mirror what I do so I cant really see why you would be having a problems, having said that, I have just had to visit the aerosoft forums to try and figure out why I can no longer hear incoming ATC voices, only to find I didnt turn the radio volume up, so dont take my word for anything!

Are you pressing ‘set payload in simulator’ twice in the EFB? You need to do that to get an accurate trim value.

That’s actually why it seems to be recommended in the Aerosoft forums to click the button twice. Apparently, on the first click the information is sometimes not updated correctly. It would be interesting, however, if in some cases it was actually the second click that made things worse. If you haven’t had any issues with the values after the first click, then all the better!

“Copy Perf Init Data to FMS” will only fill out the PERF INIT page, but not affect the actual weight of the aircraft in the sim.

Thanks for your advice. Yes, I actually do. I always use the trim value calculated after the second click.

I noticed that too, the nose seems stuck to the ground,
I didn’t have this feeling before. Normally you are supposed to push on the stick to avoid the plane to raise the nose before reaching VR speed, but I don’t need to, and I need since the 1.3 to pull much more on the yoke to raise the nose, and so either I pull too much and I almost pitch up the plane, or I don’t pull on the yoke and I take off from the runway at a speed higher than VR, I didn’t do a lot of take off, I’m lacking of training. I don’t know if this represents the reality or if it’s too far from it.

Same, it’s like the thing is glued to the ground without almost full aft stick. I know rear engines along with the nose down ground attitude promote this, I just wonder if it is excessive.