CRJ 700 vs A320 // FPS Test & Analysis

Dear Friends and Pilots. This is Carlos from Spain. I have made a whole FPS Test of the new CRJ 700. I also have done a versus FPS with the Asobo A320. Which one do you think that get more frames per second? The whole analysis inside the video. It’s in spanish but you can easily understand. I hope this video is helpful. Thanks for your support. Best Wishes!


So what was the result? It would be much easier to understand if it was in english, this just seems to be a way to try and get views…


Nice and detailed comparison :+1:

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Thank you! I’ve been looking for this since it was released.

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Thanks for your comment, mate! You are welcome!

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Nice to know that. It deserves all work hours just for your comment. Thanks so much!

Thanks, clear results.
CRJ justify this result in regards of it’s complexity and qualité, and your work clarify the point.

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What framerate counter did you use?

Thanks in advance

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Yes! I’m not talking bad things about CRJ, just say the people that you need a high-end PC to run It. Bear in mind that, before buy.

I used MSI Afterburner with Riva Tune Server, both freeware. Just Google MSI Afterburner and install It, Riva Tune Server is inside the MSI.

Thank you very much!

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Welcome. Ask what you need. Regards.

I have downloaded and installed:
MSIAfterburner version 4.6.3
All DXDIAG files
RTSSSetup731 build 24485
But when I click on the RivaTuner Statistics Server, all I get on my MSFS 2020 FBW screen is this small counter in the corner:

What am I missing?

You have to go into options and look for parameters. It’s better to look for a quick MSI Afterburner tutorial in Youtube as it’s difficult to explain It here!

Come on dude… I don’t speak any other languages than English, watched this on mute and still managed to determine the result in about 30 seconds.

Great stuff @ElNinoDelAvion!


thanks for your common sense and comprehension. I really appreciate that @BobbyFuzzy

Sorry, but what is the point of the comparison? There is no standard by which either of these aircraft are supposed to perform with regards to framerates so it’s meaningless to compare what you get with either one because there is no standard by which they are supposed to adhere. They each will get what they get, and that is all there is to it.

Hi - I don’t think thhis is actually the case but more-over sim settings. I am running the CRJ using a system barely above min specs and using a combination of Low graphics settings and other tweaks - here is what I have posted on another part of the forum Suggested game tweaks (I will post a screenshot of my settings tonight, thurs 25th or late tomorrow night frid 26th) (I am also using a mod to panel.cfg file which disables the co-pilot screens) I get a smooth 30-35fps in cruise and anywhere between 15-25fps on the ground, depending on where I am in the sim world.

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Hi. Where is that mod that disables the copilot screens and how many FPS do you get then? Thanks.

Will do. Many thanks!

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