CRJ Flight Deck Door - How to open?

Any idea how to open the flight deck door in the CRJ? Wanted to take a peek back at the cabin but can’t seem to open the door to move out there. I have the switch on the pedestal set to unlock, but I can’t find a click zone for it. Am I doing something wrong or does it not open and there’s another way out there?

It doesn’t open.

That makes alot more sense now - didn’t think it should have been that hard. How do you ‘fly’ or move through the door? Is there a way to turn that blocking off that happens? I remember there was a way in XP11.

This isn’t X-Plane 11


You can use the Free Camera / Drone Camera mode in the Showcase Camera pane to “float” through the aircraft and check out the modeled interior.

Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware. With that said I’ll elaborate. I remember there was a way in xplane via cfg editing for the aircraft to remove the ‘fake walls’. Wasn’t sure if the community here has figured out a way to do something similar.

I don’t believe so

Not yet as there hasn’t been a reason to. The only planes with cockpit doors in the sim before the CRJ were the default A320, 787, and 747, none of which have a modeled passenger cabin to open the door to . As more planes like the CRJ come out I’m sure some enterprising modders will figure it out.

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Thats why when I heard the cabin crew announcing they were serving sandwiches, none of them made it to the flight deck.


Oh man! I haven’t taken her off the ground yet but it sounds like I’ll be missing out on some grub!

yes, there IS a way! let me know if you want to do it. i do it all the time its a lot of fun

Sure - is there some click spot I’m missing?

no, you were correct in that you have to edit a cfg. There’s no way to remove the fake wall, but you can get the camera behind it in the cabin. And once it’s there, you can “walk” around and save custom camera views for quick access. For example I have custom camera 1, 2, and 3 in different wing-view positions to simulate passenger views.

here’s how:

  1. open camera.cfg at …\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_700

  2. change the line eyepoint = -61.00, -1.600, 4.150; Matching seat and ball with less zoom!

  3. the first number in that line, subtract 20 from. Save the file.

  4. load the sim and plane up, and the view should now be behind the wall. move and save your custom views. When you are done, simply “walk” the camera back up into the cockpit and save default view back to cockpit.

  5. done!

Let me know if you get it working

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did you ever get it working?

There’s always a reason to.
Working door animations add to immersion of your aircraft being an actual working, living and breathing 3D virtual machine. This should be the basics and standards for all aircraft in MSFS.
Everything should be animated to open and be inspected on walkarounds like the 310R,414, and MD80.