CRJ thrust reversers

Does anyone know how to get the thrust reversers to work with the thrustmaster warthog hotas?

IIRC you need to bind a button to “decrease throttle” (or separately to decrease throttle 1 and decrease throttle 2), and activate that after reducing throttle to 0. This should go into negative and activate reverse thrust.


I have a button that works t on other planes, but not on CRJ.
What needs to be changed? why can’t this jet play along with all settings that work on all the other planes?

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Ensure that the 2 toggle switches on the center panel (next to where the pilots right leg would be) are switched to enable reversers.

Because. He just told you, you need to bind “Decrease Throttle” not “Toggle Reverse”.

I did not know about that “Hold Reverse” binding. Neo, are you sure about that? That’s not documented.

Thanks guys - and M you noted ‘thats not documented’ does that mean there is details of this in the manuals provided?

Yes, you didn’t read the manuals? You really need to do the Tutorial flight or you will be back here with more questions.

I use the Logitech Throttle Quadrant with the button built into the bottom of the axis. My assignment is DECREASE THROTTLE 1 and 2 respectively. The first time it did not work for me because the two toggle switches had not been switched to on before landing. After finding those and turning them on… it worked great. Keep in mind, the levers animated but no reverser was active untile those switches were flipped.

Thanks i’ll do just that and take your advice on the tutorial flight.

Hm, I was just trying that out on my X56 throttle. I can’t get “toggle reverse” or “hold reverse” to work. Only “decrease throttle”. Can you bind “hold reverse” to any other button, or only the slider?

Edit: my slider was already bound to “toggle reverse” which I use for all other aircraft. I haven’t tried “hold reverse” though.

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Yeah, I’ve been using the slider for this purpose since release. I just checked it. Hold Reverse does nothing on the CRJ. It works fine on the A320 and other default aircraft. How do you have your throttle set up in the EFB?

P.S. I know what toggle means and that the slider sends multiple cycles until you turn it off.

But we were talking about the CRJ specifically in this thread. He was asking about the CRJ thrust reversers and you stated that the “Hold Reverse” binding works for the CRJ. The documentation specifically says it doesn’t and you need to use “Decrease Throttle”. If you don’t have the CRJ, why are you giving advice on the CRJ thrust reversers?

You got me all excited and now you let me down, man.

Edit: Please edit your post above and change the information so it does not confuse other readers.


I’ll just delete all my posts… sorry about that.

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I have the X56 as well, I normally use the button on the back of the throttle next to the two push buttons. It is very intuitive and works a motion like your actually, pulling up on the levers from behind to me.

It only works on other planes, how can we get the thrust reversers to deploy on X56?

Like @Neo4316 mentioned, for all default planes, using the thumb slider on the X56 throttle works great. Bind it to “Hold Reverse”

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Thanks, ill try that.

I have the setup for manually activating the thrust reversers, what I don’t understand is when putting the switches to armed, why are they not deploying automatically. That’s the whole point of ‘ARMED’!

I have a warthog throttle and the CRJ and have the reversers work by simply pulling the levers back beyond idle.

To achieve that, i have just removed the default AB detent and replaced it with one that i originally bought for the FF A320. That insert has exactly the same number of detents as the CRJ needs and using the throttle calibration, these can be lined up with the computer model, including the idle detent.

With the default AB insert, there is no usable axis behind the idle detent, but with the A320 insert, you are able to have a fair bit of axis that can be used to control the amount of reverse thrust.

You could do this without an insert, but it will far easier with. You should be able to get one from somewhere like Shapeways or even print one yourself if you have a 3d printer. Try to get one with an idle detent. Mine didn’t so i had to let’s say manually adjust it to make one.:slight_smile:

The screenshot below shows how i have my throttles set up.

What is the exact name of the function, I do not see hold reverse.

It’s “Hold Reverse”. That’s why i put it in quotes.