Crj500/700 indicated air speed ias not working

I just got the CRJ and have been able to figure most everything out but for some reason The indicated air speed will not update. When it does it will just make a single large jump and then freeze again. I suspect there’s something I’m missing with the aircraft as the aircraft as every indicated air airspeed instrument in the plane ax exactly the same.
On the other hand if there is not something I’m missing on the plane I would like to find a way is the way to have indicated air speed displayed in some other form so I can still fly to aircraft as that’s the only issue I experience . Any ideas?

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I just did my first tests with SU5 and it somehow seems that the update broke the CRJ. I experienced exactly the same behavior.

Thanks for the info. I just got the crj so I didn’t know if the update broke it as I didn’t have it before.

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Please check this topic:


Aerosoft know and if you go to their forum, there is a temporary fix

They really should simply patch their software and don’t expect people to manually muck around and possibly cause more problems.

This is a very annoying workaround. They are asking us to do time-consuming and file-altering steps which I don’t recommend. Any mention of a near-future patch?

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Yes … all because they are obligated to release their update ( when u buy direct ) as soon as it is available on the marketplace version also

So much for quick hotfixes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Taxiing in the CRJ this morning…Spooled up to 55% N1…wouldn’t move. Like the brakes were on. Then, it started rolling out of nowhere. I had to stay on the toe brakes/reversers to keep my taxi speed down. Throttle inputs on my HOTAS throttle did nothing. Locked at 55%, No animations in the throttle quadrant or the engines in reverse, spoilers wouldn’t deploy with the “/” key. Noticed the freezing of the IAS too. Settled on the Citation X to finish my flight. Also a disappointing experience. I’m hoping a fix comes soon. I love my CRJ!

Completely agree, user should not be expected to go into files and start deleting/amending files for pay ware.

I love the CRJ’s but I’ll just wait until they fix this themselves.

I’m also experiencing the same problem with WT CJ4 -

Unless Asobo releases preview builds to 3rd party devs that’s the best they can do. How do expect them to update their aircraft that fast when they just got SU5 as well? An update needs to be tested before release (assuming that a patch is that simple), otherwise you’ll have additional bugs and issues.

Another option would that Asobo doesn’t force us to update the sim until it is reasonably stable and 3rd party plugins have been updated. That would actually be my favorite option given the amount of bugs the SU5 has itself plus the slow download speed preventing you from flying because of a forced update that takes hours to download.

I took a slightly different approach. I waited a day before trying to install the update to avoid the crush, my install still took a long time, I had one “CTD” which might have been my systems fault. When I loaded for the first time I avoided live weather, traffic and any 3rd party addons (Carenado) with an empty community folder. I have an ancient PC and it has worked well, doubled my FPS but more than that the flight modelling seems so much better, trimming in C152 & C172. I fly a real C172 and it feels really close now.
Patience is really hard though when you’ve spent ages downloading and the crashes are bad news. It will get better - I am sure.

This approach is fine as long as you do offline VFR flights. However, I’m mainly into doing IFR flights on Vatsim or IVAO, which requires third party aircraft, a working live weather system, and no major bugs (like the altitude bug) or CTDs. In addition, the forced update with long download times prevents me from flying at the day of the update and maybe even the day after that. Thus, I may miss a particular event.

Accordingly, I’d rather like to choose when to install an update. Then I can wait until major bugs have been fixed, the 3rd party devs updated their products or state that they are compatible, and choose a particular day when I don’t want to fly and don’t need my computer for anything else then downloading the update.

You just need to recalibrate your throttles on the CRJ EFB. I had the same issues…

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I’ve installed the hotfix for SU5 and reinstalled the CRJ and still have a stuck speed tape. I guess I’ll try the workaround.

the workaround didnt work either.

you tried the Aerosoft work around and it didn’t work? Than you didn’t do it correctly… Its the official (be it temporary) fix from Aerosoft. It absolutely will work if followed correctly…