CRJ500/700 manuals

I read somewhere that there are 8 various instruction guides for the new CRJ’s. Can anyone point me to them? TIA

In your windows start menu under Aerosoft CRJ 700. If you bought it from the marketplace then i have no idea.

You can download them here:


In your CRJ install folder is a folder called data. Inside that is documentation. Manuals are in data/documentation.

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Copy them to document for easy acces.
They are mandatory read.

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Perfect! Thanks you.

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I really wish they had a checklist included in the sim / Virtual cockpit like the other Asobo planes. Does anyone know if they do ? clicking on the checklist icon in the 3d cockpit top menu , just shows a blank box

It doesn’t. There is a checklist on the EFB as well as in the manual.

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