Crj700 hud

I flip it down and it’s blank. Checked that brightness is up as well. This happen to anyone else? Couldn’t find anything in the forum 🤷

Hi @Krxstopher, thanks for the report. I have heard this has been fixed internally, so I suspect it is just a matter of determining the steps needed for it to be distributed to users. If any info comes up, will pass it along.

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Indeed, we hope to solve this early in the week. Came as a bit of a surprise.

Mathijs Kok


Any news on that?

We hope to have the fix online tomorrow for customers of our shop and our sister shops. We will of course send it to the marketplace at the same time.


Hi, is it fixed?

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Yes, we are sorting out distribution with Microsoft. As with all CRJ updates we like to have it available at the same time in our shop as in the Marketplace. Think it will be sorted tomorrow.

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It’s out now

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After I updated the CRJ in the marketplace today I noticed that all overhead switches do not work so I cannot turn on the battery and get the aircraft going.

Activated the ground power and can confirm the HUD is operable though…
So virtually my CRJ is ‘stuck’ at CYUL until further notice lol.

HUD is alive :slight_smile:
PS. Try “ready for takeoff” state.

An update for this will be provided today.

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Unbelievable how broken is this plane!
Did you see STAB trim going down and down and down???

Now it is OK after recent update:)
Thanks a lot!

Tried loading up the CRJ for a flight. Flight deck is inop. Inside is cold and dark and The efb won’t turn on when u click on it. No mods installed. Have you experienced this at all?

You probably use the latest beta. Don’t worry we know about that and it will be solved before release.

Did not realize I was in some sort of beta. I just keep it updated in the content manager. Hope to be able to fly this soon it’s been awhile.