Crusty looking bush pilot avatar

Old, grizzled with a beard and wearing some Carhartts and Xtratufs.

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More models would definitely be welcome, also an option to turn models off such as a co pilot would be nice to have the option to only have the pilot visable and maybe passengers in back seats. Just wishfull thinking. Definitely room for improvements


I’d also like one that looks like a person that posts angry stuff on the avsim forums.


How does an average grumpy avsim user looks like?

Hm this might be an explanation why many old men are grumpy:


But yes we need more adventurous pilot avatars.
They all look so almost painful boring that I have a difficult time decide for an avatar.
They should look like this:



Hm but when I fly the Fenix I can´t see Indiana Jones or Michael Knight sitting on the sidestick through these tiny windows anyway… so maybe this is only important for GA flyers :smiley: