... Crystal clear

“Contact ground on Eleni - Two - One Decimal 705”
“Please repeat transmission”
“Contact ground on Eleni - Two - One Decimal 705”
??? … Got it.
“Going to Wadee -Two - One Decimal 705”

Is it the same for all of us or just me?

I’m very close to giving up on AI ATC. It messes up my flight plan too. Moving to vatsim, ivao, pilotedge seems mandatory now

P.S. AI ATC in past sims are worse, but I expected more from MSFS 2020 this time

It’s not Eleni. It’s “O-N-E”. It’s a bug that’s been there for a couple of patches since they added the extra ATC voices and it’s stupid and annoying.

Lol, I know… You missed the “wadee”

that’s “brooon oreo cookie” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGRcJQ9tMbY

Since I moved to Pilot2ATC it’s so much better flying :joy:

Very funny, thank you.