Crystal Light review by VR Flight Sim Guy


I don’t have Steam-MSFS ( DVD ) and WMR will end. How can I use Pimax with MSFS?

Pimax Crystal doesn’t require WMR it works with its own runtime. There is no difference between Microsoft Store and Steam editions of MSFS, it’s just different sales/distribution channel.


Like stekusteku said, Pimax Crystal and Crystal Light do not need WMR. The Reverb G2 does need WMR.
You don’t need Steam to be installed on your computer to run the Crystal Light, unless your MSFS is the Steam edition. Next message, Mark discusses which GPU level you need (in his opinion).

At 4:45 this other guy says the image in the new Crystal Light is a little better than the regular Pimax Crystal. Unlike say a Quest 3 this headset needs no spare battery, no upgrade headstrap, no upgrade faceplate.

@DartoFielder With the same screens and lens, this doesn’t make any sense. Probably still best to wait for independant user reviews before buying one of these imho.

Mark (SimHanger) is as independent as they come. Seems to me that it doesn’t really matter whether the Light has slightly better image quality than the regular Crystal. At its price point, nothing can compete - for now.

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The little better image > He described the possible reason for this: On the “big” Chrystal you can install your lenses by yourself. He said, maybe the position of the lenses wasn’t in a perfect position. On the light version the lenses are fixed.

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Dang, the Crystal Light’s 925 g is too heavy for my comprised neck! The G2 weighs 550 g, and I can get by fine with it for about 2 hours. Too bad Pimax doesn’t list any of their HMDs weight on their website (I guess if you have to ask they are too heavy, as the old joke sort of goes)

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I know it’s kinda off topic, apologies in advance:

How do you run MSFS in the crystal light if it’s not from steam, but ms store? Or how do you launch something from your Epic or GOG account?

As far as I understannd VD does not work on devices that aren’t on the network. Is there some similar app that you can use to reach your dektop in VR to browse, watch a movie etc?

Fit and balance are more important than weight.

Although the fit and balance on the original Crystal is not good without significant effort.

If the image quality wasn’t so good I don’t think the Crystal would be worth the effort. :grin:

How does the pricing structure work on these. for the UK you go onto the Pimax site and it has the various options in GBP, take the headset only it shows two prices £489-£649. Then you add it to the cart and it chooses the most expensive price which is £649. Then it adds the tax which is another £129.80, quite a leap from the first price which was £489, not far of double.

I take it the “tax” is VAT so what about import duties, are they included, how much are they, this “£400” headset could end up costing over a £1000 by the time it arrives at your door.

The cheaper price appears to be if you opt for the ‘trial payment’, which is stupid considering you have to pay the difference if you want to keep it.

Yes, the prices are listed excluding of tax so the £129.80 is 20% on top of the headset and shipping. Not sure if there will be import fees on top of this since they are claiming delivery from a local warehouse.
Personally, I’ll hold off until it makes an appearance on Amazon UK and decide from there. Quest 3 will do me in the meantime.

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Here in the USA the extra is $100. $65 State sales tax, and $35 to ship it here. Or $35 for those living in one of the 50 States which have no sales tax. (Light, no controllers, yes with local dimming). There would be $8 more tax for the controllers (controllers add $100).

Squeak! Squeak! Crystal Light settings!

I have very bad neck issues as well. I use a simple neck brace cushion that wraps around my neck and Velcro’s shut. It gives incredible comfort and support wearing the Crystal.